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Reptile Skeletons
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  • Nightmares +15% gain

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    Item Effects  
    White Glim Telescope

    Weasel-Infested Velocipede

    A Maudlin Gift from the Heavens

    A Brass-Framed Dark Mirror

    Probably a Coincidence

    Mr Mirrors' Most Heartfelt Reflection

    Beggar's Crown

    A Semi-Autonomous Scrutinising Machine

    Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight

    The Butcher's Friend

    The Iron Correspondents

    Terrifying Weathercock

    A Replica of the House of Chimes, Awash with Snow

    Mostly Stuffed Bound Shark

    Velvet-Covered Aviary

    Thoroughly Cowed Pony

    Amaranthine Coil, Sealed in a Jar

    You're Not Quite Sure What

    Luxury's Lap

    Wind-Bitten Reins

    Extraordinary Drinks Cabinet

    Winking Gemstone Ring

    A Complete Set of Preserved Internal Organs

    The Khan's Tea Set

    A Leasehold on All of London (Has effect: Shadowy (13), Persuasive (6), Respectable (4), A Player of Chess (2)), A Vast Network of Connections Wherever the Bazaar's Influence can be Found (Has effect: Dangerous (13), Persuasive (6), Respectable (2), Dreaded (2), A Player of Chess (2)), Efficient Commissioner (Has effect: A Player of Chess (2), Watchful (7), Shadowy (7), Dangerous (7), Respectable (1)), Efficient Plenipotentiary (Has effect: Watchful (10), Shadowy (10), Dangerous (10), Respectable (1), A Player of Chess (2)), Grasping With a Red Left Hand (Has effect: Watchful (5), A Player of Chess (5), Winds of Fortune (2)), Regretful Sceptic (Has effect: Watchful (7), Persuasive (4), Respectable (1), A Player of Chess (2)), Society of the Three-Fingered Hand (Has effect: Shadowy (6), Dangerous (13), Respectable (2), Dreaded (2), A Player of Chess (2)), The Marvellous (Has effect: Persuasive (13), Dangerous (6), Bizarre (4), A Player of Chess (2))