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Virginia wants the Correspondence Stones for Hell, and is prepared to murder you repeatedly for them. This must be ended once and for all.

Unlocked with 1 x Set of Correspondence Stones, Engaged in a Rivalry of Antiquities 1, A Scholar of the Correspondence 1

Storylet appears in Base-Camp



Hide the Correspondence Stones in the Tomb-colonies

Nevercold brass.png

Give Virginia the Correspondence Stones


Play chess for the Stones

Whispered secret.png

Agree to tell her all about the Correspondence, and lie

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    Whispered secret.png


    Challenge information

    Broad, Persuasive 84 || 58 - very chancy (41%) || 72 - chancy (51%) || 86 - modest (61%) || 100 - very modest (71%) || 114 - low-risk (81%) || 128 - straightforward (91%) || 140 - straightforward (100%)


    What a performance!


    Well, she is rather good at this