"Oi! You stepped on my invisible rat!"

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This content is only available during the Fruits of the Zee Festival!

For festival history, see Fruits of the Zee Festival (historical).

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From: The Fruits of the Zee Festival!

Despite his colourful rag coat and the merry bells jingling on his ankles, the gentleman seems sincere. He demands that your replace his "invisible rat" for an hour...

Game Instructions: Your Persuasive and Watchful scores increase the reward.

Unlocked with Island2.png Sights at the Festival 34 - 50


"Give the...er...rat a present, and you'll have good luck!"

Is this how a rat stands? Elbows in, hands hooked? How authentic is your toothy overbite? […]

The festival-goers are convinced. They fill your hands with trinkets and rub your ears for luck. Will the reward compensate your damaged pride?

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Rare Success

Audience participation

You scamper over to a crowd of festival-goers. Some hurry away, pretending they can't see you. […] You corner the slowest of them: a crusty old zailor. Panicked, he pushes a folded square of paper into your hand […]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]