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From: A Prize Achieved!

This door has been locked and the edges caulked with black wax. That's interesting.

Unlocked with Planning a Heist: The offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, where lawyers hoard secrets. (The Offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece)

Challenge information

(Rare Success is 18.24% at 740 attempts)


The Seal of Mr Wines

A bundle of formally witnessed love stories, with attached affidavits and exhibits? Why were these sealed away? Now to take the delivery stairs out of this cramped lawyers' hell.

Rare Success

The Seal of Mr Fires

"...in the event that the Drowned stirs, we will apply the measures indicated in Annex Thirty-Three; Annex Thirty-Four; the Prelapsarian Conditionals; and the Spire-Sign […]"

Emergency procedures for the Bazaar […] some of it sticks, and burns.

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