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From: The Tentacled Entrepreneur...

The thing's rich as Croesus. No need to let snobbery interfere with business.

Unlocked with Time Remaining... exactly 1, Renown: Society 15

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 119

  • 82 - very chancy (41%)
  • 102 - chancy (51%)
  • 121 - modest (61%)
  • 141 - very modest (71%)
  • 161 - low-risk (81%)
  • 181 - straightforward (91%)
  • 199 - straightforward (100%)


"I'm really not sure that- I'm sorry, how much?"

You make some careful introductions, and after one gesticulatory conversation, three people are notably richer. You pocket a modest arranger's fee of course.


'It would be better to keep your pets outside.'

For some it's plain prejudice, for others it's concern for their rival interests in Wolfstack. No-one will do business with a rubbery partner. You feel like you're holding out a bag of echoes and no-one will take it from you.