The Tentacled Entrepreneur...

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He has a stranglehold on the amber trade and a warren of factories crammed with Rubbery workers. All his wealth, though, hasn't bought him more than a foot in society's door.

Game Instructions: Check this card at different times during the party to see different possibilities.

Unlocked with Time Remaining... 1 to 6

Card drawn in Veilgarden (Party)

Occurs with Standard Frequency

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Reveller.png heading hopefully in your direction
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    Unlocked with Time Remaining... exactly 5


    Challenge information

    Broad, Persuasive 119 || 82 - very chancy (41%) || 102 - chancy (51%) || 121 - modest (61%) || 141 - very modest (71%) || 161 - low-risk (81%) || 181 - straightforward (91%) || 199 - straightforward (100%)


    He's charming, in his own way


    What's worse? His flamboyant gratitude or the sniggering of the other guests?

Fork.png confused by the cutlery
...has a business proposition