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Storylets and actions which increase Favours: Society.


Source Action Location/Card Cost/Requirements Number of Favours Notes
Professions The Mystic's reward London 4 actions, Must be a Mystic 1 Once per week, after Time, the Healer
The Correspondent's Accomplishments 4 actions, Must be an Correspondent 1
The Conjurer's reward 4 actions, Must be a Conjurer 1
Storylets Graduate the Gifted Student University Laboratory (Place) 1 See University Laboratory (Guide)
Meet some high society types slumming it Mrs Plenty's Carnival Less than 5 x Renown 1
Honoured with a State Dinner Heartscross House 26 Actions 1 See Port Carnelian (Guide)
Graduate Pupil Fate Carousel Sinning Jenny's Finishing School 12 Actions 0-1 See Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide), Also requires The Frequently Deceased
Cards Drop in for a chat A Visitthe Music-Hall Singer Acquainted 1
Nip an inconvenient rumour in the bud Park and Palace: Society 1 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip 1
Go for a glass of wine and a chat A Visitthe Functionary Acquainted 1 Also gives a Great Game Favour
A meeting with his peers A Visitthe Functionary Acquainted 3 1
Put up some money for an artistic endeavour More Larks with the Young Stags 500 x Piece of Rostygold 2 Must be The Young Stags' Club to draw the card
To make a point of treating them well A day out in your Clay Sedan Chair 1 Requires Clay Sedan Chair to draw
Defuse a Society feud The Calendrical Confusion of 1899 1
Peril and pyjamas The Heron Tower: Events at a Lair in the Marshes 1 Requires Key to a Lair in the Marshes to draw
Secure an invitation to a scandalous party The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse Hedonist 4 0-1 Requires Key to a Handsome Townhouse to draw
Woods in winter The dance goes on 2 1 See Cave of the Nadir (Guide)
Contribute evidence to a case Respectable Passengers 5 x Sworn Statement 1 Found in Upper River about to give a Whiskered Admiral a fit The Jovial Contrarian 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 2.
...has turned an alarming shade of purple The Whiskered Admiral... 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 2.
...has a business proposition The Tentacled Entrepreneur... Renown: Society 15 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 1.
You've not gone unnoticed Taking your Leave 1 See Attending a Party (Guide) drawn in Veilgarden (Party). Time Remaining... 0.
Find a decent home for your Mark of Credit Page Secrets and Spending 14 x Counting the Days and a Mark of Credit Page 1
Lend it to the Despondent Earl What will you do with your Thoroughbred Slug? Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree 1
Any choice on A card drawn through being a Shepherd 0-1,1, or 1-2 With Shepherd's Timepiece

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