A Cub's Education (Guide)

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Bleedingforestsmall.png Late Parabola Content

This mini-guide tries to cover the different cats that can be introduced at The Dome of Scales, Becoming in The Dome of Scales with Parabolan Dominance 3.


The content is unlocked by engaging in Parabolan Warfare and completing a campaign for The Cats. The Storylet The Dome of Scales, Becoming will be available at The Dome of Scales whenever the Cats are Dominant. Progress is saved while other factions are dominant.

Cat companions in your Inventory may be introduced to the Cub. Each introduction raises A Cub's Education by one level, with higher levels unlocking different content. Each companion may be introduced only once (multiple copies may not be introduced multiple times). Unlocking all of the content requires a large collection of obscure cats, and currently requires at least some FATE purchases.


If you have introduced so and so many cats to the Dome, you may spend an action to get the following item:

Cats introduced Action Reward
0-5 Treat with the kitten Extraordinary Implication
6-14 Commune with the Chorus of Cats Glass Gazette
15+ (first time) Speak to the Union of Lions FATE Salve of Righteousness, Acquainted: The Lion Sacrificial
15+ (afterwards) Speak to the Union of Lions FATE Glass Gazette

Table of Cats[edit]

Cat Name Access Info FATE-locked?
Grubby Kitten Connected Pet - Urchins
Starveling Cat Pass boxes, Open Bundles or have someone send one
Parabolan Kitten Owners of Parabolan Panther can send them to you
A Short-Tempered Shorthair Previously available through MYSTERIES
Pink-Painted Cat Send them during FEAST OF THE ROSE for 200 x Appalling Secret
Inquisitive Lamp-cat Available during FRUITS OF THE ZEE
Feline Pariah Upgraded from Inquisitive Lamp-cat during HALLOWMAS
Wretched Mog Offer passage to one in The Waswood
August Feline Currently FATE-locked during HALLOWMAS
Princeling of the Wakeful Court Currently FATE-locked during HALLOWMAS
Midnight Matriarch Buy one from Nassos Zoologicals or pass boxes
Midnight Matriarch of the Menagerie of Roses Currently FATE-locked during HALLOWMAS
Rubbery Feline Available during HALLOWMAS
Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat Available during HALLOWMAS
Benvolio the Bacon Thief Costs 3 x Memory of a Tale in Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Calliope the Yowler Costs 3 x Memory of a Tale in Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Freya, Scourge of Fragile Ornaments Costs 3 x Memory of a Tale in Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Gustav the Ankle Weaver Costs 3 x Memory of a Tale in Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Sebastian the Nocturnal Smotherer Costs 3 x Memory of a Tale in Mr Chimes' Lost & Found
Horatio, Finest of His Lineage Gained by achieving Cat Upon Your Person 5 while in The House of Chimes

List of Non-Cats[edit]

Felines that cannot currently be introduced to the Dome: