Mr Chimes' Lost & Found

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Only those most Exceptional Londoners can persuade the Master to part with these goods.

This shop at the Bazaar sells various Items.

Wiki note: This shop sells unique items for Book.png Memory of a Tale, earned by completing Exceptional Stories.

Item Buy price Item Type ES Referenced
Hellgatesmall.png A Brick from the Very Walls of Hell 3 x Booksmall.png Weapon Helltrain.png The 12:15 from Moloch Street
Bugsbysmall.png A Censer with an Unusual Scent 3 x Booksmall.png Gloves Bugsby.png The Sinking Synod
Patriarchsmall.png A Flawless Example of Hubris 3 x Booksmall.png Affiliation Patriarch.png The Seven-Day Reign
Urchinscopesmall.png A Knotted Sock with a Heavy Lump in It 3 x Booksmall.png Boots Chimneypotwars.png The Chimney Pot Wars
Hauntedmagiciansmall.png A Parabolan-sized Headache 3 x Booksmall.png Hat Hauntedmagician.png The Magician's Dream
Libraryofseasonssmall.png A Tattered Library Card 3 x Booksmall.png Gloves Bengalcat.png The Calendar Code
Dukesmall.png A Tune in Three-Four 3 x Booksmall.png Weapon Blindmother.png The Waltz That Moved the World
Heartfruitsmall.png An Unwisely Cultivated Plant 3 x Booksmall.png Clothing Theatrechair.png The Final Curtain
Catfatsmall.png Benvolio the Bacon Thief 3 x Booksmall.png Gloves -
Catcalicosmall.png Calliope the Yowler 3 x Booksmall.png Clothing -
Entomologicalastrologersmall.png Extraordinarily Strong Reading Glasses 3 x Booksmall.png Hat Entomologicalastrologer.png Written in the Glim
Kittensmall.png Freya, Scourge of Fragile Ornaments 3 x Booksmall.png Weapon -
Catorangesmall.png Gustav the Ankle Weaver 3 x Booksmall.png Boots -
Seneschalsmall.png Love-Sickened Seneschal 3 x Booksmall.png Boots Seneschal.png Borrowed Glory
Catbrownsmall.png Sebastian the Nocturnal Smotherer 3 x Booksmall.png Hat -
Marshmansionsmall.png A Firm Conviction of the Absence of the Supernatural 7 x Booksmall.png Hat Mansion1.png The Haunting at the Marsh-House
Deathmachinesmall.png A Machine for the Committing of Murder 7 x Booksmall.png Home Comfort Deathmachine.png The Art of Murder
Spinstershadowsmall.png A Much Put Upon Pawn in the Game 7 x Booksmall.png Gloves Spinstershadow.png Say It With Flowers
Donavillarsmall.png A Slug, For Casual Draping 7 x Booksmall.png Clothing Donavillar.png Por Una Cabeza
Pig2small.png Priscilla 7 x Booksmall.png Transport Pig2.png My Kingdom for a Pig
Tabithamurgatroydsmall.png Tabitha Murgatroyd 7 x Booksmall.png Companion Tabithamurgatroyd.png The Murgatroyd Formula
Vespasiansmall.png Vespasian 7 x Booksmall.png Home Comfort Vespasian.png The Pentecost Predicament
Assistantsmall.png Courteous Assistant 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Adoratrician.png The Attendants
Ebullientundertakersmall.png Ebullient Undertaker 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Ebullientundertaker.png All Things Must End
Julysmall.png July 12 x Booksmall.png Companion July.png Lost in Reflections
Cricketersmall.png Percipient Cricketer 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Cricketer.png Cricket, Anyone? (Story)
Protestersmall.png Reformed Protester 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Midday.png Five Minutes to Midday
Classicistsmall.png Stoic Classicist 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Classicist.png Tauroktonos
Oldersistersmall.png The Eldest Daughter 12 x Booksmall.png Companion Governess.png The Frequently Deceased