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They're an eery lot, the gangs of kids who rule the roofs of London. They hear things up there, things the wind forgot.

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Opportunity Card
The Roof-Tops: Urchins
Faction Item
Rookery Password
Connected Pet
Grubby Kitten
Conflict Cards

Related Qualities

Favours: Urchins
Notable Favour Sources
Source Action Location/Card Cost/Requirements Number of Favours Notes
Professions The Trickster's reward London 4 actions, Must be a Trickster 1 Once per week, after Time, the Healer
Storylets Share what you've learned with (an Urchin) Spite Takes 14 actions. 1 See A Boxful of Intrigue (Guide)
Restore the Honey-Mazed Bear to his rightful owners Ealing Gardens Honey-Mazed Bear 1
Meet some urchins Mrs Plenty's Carnival Less than 5 x Renown 1
Graduate Pupil Fate Carousel Sinning Jenny's Finishing School 12 Actions 0-1 See Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide)
Cards In the shadow of All Christs Spire The Roof-Tops: Urchins 1 x Lucky Weasel 1
Warn the urchins The Kidsman recruits 1 Card drawn in The Flit, Early Game Only
Tip the squatters off An Implausible PenanceArson and avarice 3 x Favours: Criminals 1
Tip off the urchins A Task from the Cheesemonger 1 An Agent of the Cheesemonger 1-3, early game only.
Give him tentative art lessons Your Winsome Orphan is out of control Memory of Distant Shores 1 Requires Winsome Dispossessed Orphan and F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum to draw.
Encourage him to visit old friends Your Grubby Urchin is becoming troublesome 2 x Tale of Terror!! 1 Drawn in Your Lodgings if you have Grubby Urchin
Unite them against a common enemy The Urchin and the Monkey 2 x Compromising Document 1 Drawn in Your Lodgings if you have Grubby Urchin and Malevolent Monkey
Provide an Urchin with evidence that she's a long lost heir Engage in Unobserved Charity Cover Identity: Ties exactly 2 (Society), Cover Identity: Elaboration 4 2 Drawn in Ealing Gardens
Fill a stomach Indulge in Illicit Charity or Engage in Unobserved Charity 1 x Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits 1 Drawn in Ealing Gardens or Jericho Locks
Find a hard-working home for your Mark of Credit Page Secrets and Spending 14 x Counting the Days and a Mark of Credit Page 1
Loan a kitten to some urchins What will you do with your Grubby Kitten? Grubby Kitten 1

Notable Favour Uses
Source Action Location Cost Reward Value/Notes
Storylets Trade favours with urchins The Flit 3 x Favours 25 x Certifiable Scrap
Opening a Bundle of Oddities
See Certifiable Scraps (Guide). Max value per favour is E 4.06 (without variable Bundle amount)
A Hopeless Pickpocket Jericho Locks 4 x Favours 2 x Storm-Threnody
1 x Aeolian Scream
E 27.5
Cards Pick pockets with the urchins The Roof-Tops: Urchins 1 x Favours ~20 CP Shadowy per favour If 0-30 Shadowy
Run the rooftops with the urchins 3 x Favours If 31-70 Shadowy
Out you go, longshanks 5 x Favours
20 x Shard of Glim
~20 CP Shadowy per favour
1 x Sapphire
If 71+ Shadowy
-E .08
Take the Devil's side The Devil and the Child 2 x Favours 550 x Nevercold Brass Sliver
5 x Tale of Terror!!
1 CP Someone Is Coming
E 8
Call in favours from Urchins Under the Statue 4 x Favours 1 x Puzzle-Damask Scrap
3 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap
Opening a Bundle of Oddities
E 20 plus Bundle
Requires Ealing Development
Call in favours with the Gracious Widow Under the Statue at the Magistracy E 20 plus Bundle
Requires Magistracy Development
Pursue a Scheme: offer some Urchins a place in your Orphanage The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse 5 x Favours
E 30
4-8 CP Engaged in a Scheme: an Orphanage
Advise the girl to return to the Widow A familiar face by the school railings all Favours 350-700 x Jade Fragment
4-6 x An Identity Uncovered!
1 CP Someone Is Coming
Jade and Identities depends on Favours spent
Sabotage the cannon Youthful high spirits all Favours 800-1200 Rat on a String
10-20 Bottle of Morelways 1872
1 CP Someone Is Coming
Rats and Bottles depends on Favours spent
Renown quality
Renown: Urchins
Closest To:
Closest To - Urchins

Renown Items

The numbers signify the required Renown level.

  1. A Feathered Bonnet
  2. Constant Cufflinks
  3. What Might Be A Thunderbolt