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[…] the monster-hunters […] brag about the beasts they've bagged – the Cantigaster, the Eater-of-Chains, the Spider Council, Jack-of-Smiles […] But no-one tells stories about the Vake: […] for whose head the Department offers a […] reward of four million Echoes. […]

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Locked with Ambition: Heart's Desire!, Ambition: Nemesis, Ambition: Light Fingers!, Ambition: Bag a Legend!, Obscurity 4 (hidden)

Storylet appears in Watchmaker's Hill



Find out more about the Vake

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    Unlocked with Dangerous 6



    You have chosen this Ambition.

    • Bagalegendsmall.png Boldly done! You have chosen an Ambition! (Sets Ambition: Bag a Legend! to 1 - You need to know more about the Vake. Head to Watchmaker's Hill to investigate)