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From: Ask the Interpreter of Dreams about death by water

He's a man of arcane wisdom. Does Dr Schlomo have any answers about that name you're seeking?

Game Instructions: Do not do this. Asking these questions can only bring you pain and suffering.

Unlocked with Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 2-5

Challenge information

A matter of luck: A long shot...but you might win (success chance: 10%)


Visions of the inky depths

[…] "[…] Do not look for this," continues Dr Schlomo. "Seek rather the land whose wayfarers will ask why you carry a winnowing-fan on your back...'" […]

[…] He begins to scream. "I cannot believe you did that to me! Get out![…]" […].

Description summary:
Your questions send the doctor into a reverie. He offers cryptic wisdom before returning to his senses and chasing you from the room in a rage.

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Success Instructions: This was a serious mistake. Do not repeat it. Resolve to end this foolish quest.



[…]"You should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas," he says, "for all the good it's done you, coming to see me." His smile is unpleasant.

Description summary:
Your questions cause the doctor noticeable irritation.

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Failure Instructions: It is for the best that you learned nothing here. Do not ask again.