Currency Grinding (Guide)

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See Money-Making for gathering echoes, Hinterland Scrip-Making for gathering Hinterland Scrip and The Rat Market (Guide) for Rat-Shillings

First City Coin[edit]

The Crowds of Spite

The Bone Market

The Magistracy of the Evenlode



Fistful of Surface Currency[edit]


The Blind Helmsman

The Shuttered Palace

On a Heist

The Bone Market


Assortment of Khaganian Coinage[edit]

Khaganian coins can be obtained from selling skeletons to the Trifling Diplomat, or x 20 can be purchased for 20E , both in The Copper Quarter. From Midday until Evening in Khan's Heart, x 200 Surface-Silk Scrap can be exchanged for x 40 , and various amounts of coinage can be obtained by completing various Intrigues 12-action intrigues (each costing an Emetic Revelation to start); see Khaganian Intrigue (Guide) for more information.

Khan's Heart also has the Khaganian Markets, where various items may be sold for Assortment of Khaganian Coinage.

Fourth-City Echo[edit]

The Blind Helmsman

The Copper Quarter

Justificande Coin[edit]

Your Activities

Plan a Heist

The Blind Helmsman

The Chessboard