Break open your unaugmented scarlet egg

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From: Bring Up your Egg or The Trials of Patience

The shell can be crushed.

Unlocked with Scarlet Egg, Untreated

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are against you here (success chance: 40%)


All but empty

Was the egg a dud? No – as the last piece of shell falls away, a sound rips free. It howls through your heart[…] leaving nothing but the missing-tooth-gap of something almost remembered.

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Alternative Success

All but empty

Could this be a decoy egg? Some creatures lay them away from the nest to protect the greater part of their brood. But that must mean—! And what would be a predator of a creature that lays eggs this size?



The egg is a dud. It is empty. Utterly valueless. However, this pile of paper that you'd used to stop it shifting too close to the fire contains far more than you'd first assumed.

Alternative Failure

Residual heat

The shards of egg shell possess a heat far greater than your hearth could cause. The eyebrow singeing contents provide the explanation. Although, little light is shed on how it got in there.