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Disappearing... Summary
Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 10+ A 1 A


Raise Disappearing... to 10.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Special -3 CP/Action 

Disappearing is an activity players gain access to when initially building the Cabinet Noir. Disappearing uses Disappearing... as a progress quality and is also used for escaping A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral. Any surplus points of this quality is lost upon cashing in.

If you are looking to develop Cover Identities, check Cover Identities (Guide).

Cabinet Noir[edit]

Disappearing is used for the purposes of removing Suspicion through the action Eliminate a good deal of suspicion within the Cabinet Noir. This requires reaching Disappearing... 10 to eliminate 33 CP of Suspicion, enough to drop it from level 7 and 5 CP down to 0.

Notably, if you ever get arrested, you will lose all of your Disappearing... progress.


Option Challenge Min for 100% Success Failure
Cover your tracks 175, 2 292, 6 + 5 CP  + 1 CP 
Cover your tracks - Requires Midnighter 175, 2 292, 6 + 6 CP  + 3 CP 
Make the evidence against yourself vanish 420 [1] 700 [1] + 30 CP 
  1. 1.0 1.1 Can be reduced by Parabolan Scouting


This activity may be awkward to use, since it reduces Suspicion in batches only a few CP smaller than the maximum 8 levels. However, it is highly efficient. If you make use of the full reduction and are already in Balmoral, the whole activity takes a minimum of 12 actions, or 11 as a Midnighter, for either 2.75 or 3 CP per action. This is the best reliable form of Suspicion reduction outside of using social actions on an alt account.

Additionally, you can Track down evidence against you in Parabola for 30 CP of Disappearing.... If you have Glasswork of 12 and Shadowy of 275 or higher, this can be accomplished in 4.5 actions, or 9 actions for enough to cash in. Discounting the cost of moving between Parabola and Balmoral, this results in a Suspicion reduction of 3.3 CP per action. This is only profitable if you take other Parabolan actions in the same trip. For details, see Parabolan Destinations


Option Requirements Reward
Eliminate a good deal of suspicion 10 , 5 -33 CP

Addtionally, you require 3 Disappearing... in order to Expand your Cabinet Noir.

A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral[edit]

When you are captured by the Clay Highwayman, Disappearing... is one of the ways that you can escape to avoid being Ransomed! Each of these will reduce Waiting on a Ransom by 1.


Card Option Challenge Min for 100% Success
The Edge of the Woods Look for a path back to the railway 240 400 + 5 CP 
Whiling away the hours Look for an escape route 210 350 + 5 CP 
Map out the camp by candlelight Look for a path back to the railway 190 317
  • + 5 CP 
  • 1 x 

Once you reach Disappearing... 5 you can then Slip away unseen when you Consider your options.