Dramatic Tension (Guide)

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For Hunter's Insight in Hunter's Keep, see Time Passing at Hunter's Keep (Guide)

Dramatic Tension is a quality used in several carousels in London, once you are A Person of Some Importance -

The Carousels[edit]

The carousels are further explained in their separate guides. As Dramatic Tension is transferable from one carousel to the other, you may usually choose whichever is more fun or uses your favoured stats. For the rewards from the Missing Woman and Wilmot's End, you have to do an extra cycle after having the required Dramatic Tension, and the War of Assassins require an additional action to set up.

1CP of Dramatic Tension can also be gained in The Cave of the Nadir through an option on the card Woods in winter. This needs to be spent in one of the main carousels, as the Nadir has no option for cashing out. Reward options remove Dramatic Tension rather than reducing CP, so you can't store up large amounts for future use.

It should be noted that Doing Business in Wilmot's End has an option that also provides Compromising Documents roughly 10% the time. There are also some cards which give additional progress occasionally. This is NOT taken into account in the table below.


Rewards from War of Assassins and from Wilmot's End.

Reward Actions DT needed Sell Value / EPA Action
3 x Bazaar Permit 34 x 2  E 37.50 / 1.10 FaWoA
Tribute from your Rival of Power
2 x Use of Villains 34 x 2  E 12 / 0.35 FaWoA
Deserting henchmen
16 x Volume of Collated Research 34 x 2  E 40 / 1.18 FaWoA
Settling out of court
1 x Collection of Curiosities 35 x 2  E 61 / 1.74 [1] FaWoA
A few of your old things
10 x Volume of Collated Research 22 x 1  E 25.00 / 1.14 DBiWE
She is wearing pearls today
22 x 1  E 24.00 / 1.09 [2] DBiWE
An exchange of favours
22 x 1  E 16 / 0.73 [3] SoaMW
A friendly gesture
  1. Assumes Trade your Collection of Curiosities for five Puzzling Maps is used and that the resulting Puzzling Maps and Extraordinary Implication are sold. Favour valued at 4 E.
  2. Valuing the favour at 4E
  3. Rather than selling these, the labour may be used to fund expeditions for more profit.