Doing Business in Wilmot's End (Guide)

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Diamondsmall.png Early PoSI Content

There are various storylets and cards to raise Doing Business in Wilmot's End, depending on your qualities, which menaces you are willing to risk acquiring, and Walking the Paths of Wilmot's End (the qualities are abbreviated as  DBiWE and  WtPoWE respectively in the tables below):

One full cycle is 11 actions.


Storylet Challenge Requirement Success Failure
Level 0
Whispered secret.png Playing the Game at Wilmot's End
Flag.png Empress and Country Automatic DBiWE to 2
WtPoWE to 1
Furtivehand.png Money. Power. The Game itself. DBiWE to 2
WtPoWE to 2
Flames.png The New Order DBiWE to 2
WtPoWE to 3
Level 2
Angel.png Business about Wilmot's End (The 2 following options belong to this storylet)
Blackjack.png The short, straight path Dangerous 120 +1 CP DBiWE +1 CP Wounds
Forest.png The long, twisting path Shadowy 120 +1 CP Suspicion
Bohogirl4.png An Agent of the Tsar Shadowy 120 WtPoWE 1 or 2 +1 CP DBiWE +1 CP Suspicion
Chap1.png The Faithful Functionary Shadowy 120 WtPoWE 2 or 3 +1 CP DBiWE

2 x Comprom. Document (rare)

+1 CP Suspicion
Ruins1.png The Sights of Wilmot's End Card (2 options) Luck: 20% chance Drawn anywhere +2 CP DBiWE +1 CP DBiWE
Level 3
Fog.png Meeting a Certain Gentleman
Mercyhand.png "Keep it bloodless" Automatic DBiWE to 4
WtPoWE to 1
+3 CP Subtle
-3 CP Forceful
Pawn.png "Whatever the Game brings" DBiWE to 4
WtPoWE to 2
Bloodstain.png "Hard lessons" DBiWE to 4
WtPoWE to 3
+3 CP Forceful
-3 CP Subtle
Level 4
Noose.png Secrets in High Places Shadowy 120 +1 CP DBiWE +1 CP Suspicion
Porticodark.png The Exchange Shadowy 120 WtPoWE 1 or 2 +1 CP DBiWE +1 CP Suspicion
Oldman2.png The Missionary Bush Dangerous 120 WtPoWE 2 or 3 +1 CP DBiWE +1 CP Scandal
Bowler.png A New Move in the Game Card Watchful 120 Drawn anywhere +1 (rarely +2) CP DBiWE +1 CP Nightmares
Level 5 (All options reset DBiWE)
Oldwoman.png Another contact in the fog
Waves3.png Keeping the Game moving Automatic +1 CP Dramatic Tension
Document.png Make the deal 1 x Legal Document
Bookpurple.png She is wearing pearls today Dramatic Tension 1 10 x Collated Research
Secret.png An exchange of favours Dramatic Tension 1 8 x Stolen Kiss
1 x Favours: The Great Game