Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)

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Diamondsmall.png Early PoSI Content
Fighting a War of Assassins Summary
Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 33+ A 1 A


Raise FaWoA to 4 to raise Dramatic Tension. Cashes out after 3 times through.
Items Inputs/Outputs

Other Dramatic Tension Uses:

Raw EPA 1.86 Raw SPA -


The War of Assassins is one of the many carousels available to Persons of Some Importance, which rewards the victor with various goods otherwise created in the Bazaar Side-Streets. It relies on Dramatic Tension, and requires 2 levels (3 CP) of it to make the reward available. With 100% success rates, it takes 11 actions to acquire 1 CP of Tension from the War, and so it takes 34 actions to unlock and then acquire the reward. The reward to be chosen takes 1 action to change, and resets Fighting a War of Assassins (henceforth abbreviated as FaWoA), but does not change Tension; it is therefore a small efficiency hit to change but can be done after the rest of the carousel is complete. This carousel can also be freely mixed with the two carousels in Wilmot's End which also use Tension to track number of rounds completed; consult Dramatic Tension (Guide) for details.

Choosing an Opponent and Reward[edit]

These are all options on the Choose an enemy! storylet at Your Lodgings. The rewards are options on The Treasures of War.

Opponent Reward Option Reward contents Echo Value
A Rival in Power Tribute from your Rival of Power 3 x Bazaar Permit E 37.50
A Former Lover A few of your old things 1 x Collection of Curiosities E 65[1]
A Rival of Letters Settling out of court 16 x Volume of Collated Research E 40
A Ghost Mantled in Shadow Deserting henchmen 2 x Use of Villains E 12
  1. This assumes you expend an additional action for Trade your Collection of Curiosities for five Puzzling Maps is used and that the resulting Puzzling Maps and Extraordinary Implication are sold, and that the Tomb-Colonist Favour expended was worth E 4.


Depending on your qualities and which menaces you are willing to risk acquiring, there are numerous ways to raise FaWoA:

Storylet Challenge Requirement CP on Success Failure
Level 0-2
The Forgotten Quarter
Ruins1.png A Noose Dangerous 120 FaWoA +1 Wounds +1
Devil.png The Infernal Hunt Shadowy 120
Tea.png The Tea Shop Dangerous 120
The Flit
Paperstack.png Gather urchin informants Persuasive 120 Renown: Urchins 20 FaWoA +1 -
Fatman.png The Portly Assassin Watchful 120 Suspicion +1
Ropecourt.png Recruit the Raggedy Men Persuasive 120 200 x Rat on a String -100 x Rat on a String
Level 3
The Forgotten Quarter
Hansom.png A Ride to the Quarter Dangerous 120 1 x Ratwork Derringer FaWoA +1 Wounds +1
Forgottenquarter.png The Waker of Snakes Dangerous 120 FaWoA +1

TbF +1 (up to 16)

Wounds +1
Ruins2.png The Picnic Luck: 50% FaWoA +2 FaWoA -1
The Flit
Mask.png The Boatman's Market Watchful 120 FaWoA +1 Scandal +1
Boho9.png The Woman in Green Persuasive 120 Nightmares +1
Revolutionary.png The Revolutionary Gathering Persuasive 120 Renown: Revolutionaries 10 Wounds +1
Level 4 (These actions exchange 4 levels of FaWoA for 1 CP in Dramatic Tension.)
The Forgotten Quarter
Ruins.png An Avenue of Dusty Earth Shadowy 120 Dramatic Tension +1 Wounds +2
Forgottenquarter.png A Moment of Respite Dangerous 120 1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle
Chap2.png The Courier for Killers[1] Shadowy 120
The Flit
Ropecourt.png A Pause for Reflection Watchful 120 Dramatic Tension +1 Wounds +2
Ropecourt.png A Long Drop[2] Dangerous 120 Wounds +2
Topsy2.png The Topsy King would like a Word[3] Watchful 120 Nightmares +2

SttEoI +1

  1. Moves you to The Flit on success.
  2. Moves you to Spite on failure.
  3. Two mutually exclusive, but seemingly functionally identical options, depending on Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King.


You will need Dramatic Tension 2 (3 CP total) to get your rewards through The Treasures of War at your Lodgings.