Fighting a War of Assassins (Guide)

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Depending on your qualities and which menaces you are willing to risk acquiring, there are numerous ways to raise Fighting a War of Assassins (abbreviated as Knifeting.png FaWoA in the tables below):


Storylet Challenge Requirement CP on Success Failure
Level 0-2
The Forgotten Quarter
Ruins1.png A Noose Bear.png Dangerous 120 Knifeting.png FaWoA +1 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +1
Devil.png The Infernal Hunt Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 120
Tea.png The Tea Shop Bear.png Dangerous 120
The Flit
Paperstack.png Gather urchin informants - Urchin.png Renown: Urchins 20 Knifeting.png FaWoA +1 -
Fatman.png The Portly Assassin Owl.png Watchful 120 Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion +1
Ropecourt.png Recruit the Raggedy Men Fox.png Persuasive 120 Ratsstring.png 200 x Rat on a String Ratsstring.png -100 x Rat on a String
Level 3
The Forgotten Quarter
Hansom.png A Ride to the Quarter Bear.png Dangerous 120 Derringer.png 1 x Ratwork Derringer Knifeting.png FaWoA +1 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +1
Forgottenquarter.png The Waker of Snakes Bear.png Dangerous 120 Knifeting.png FaWoA +1

Mirror4.png TbF +? (up to 16)

Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +1
Ruins2.png The Picnic Cardfan.png Luck: 50% Knifeting.png FaWoA +2 Knifeting.png FaWoA -1
The Flit
Mask.png The Boatman's Market Owl.png Watchful 120 Knifeting.png FaWoA +1 Sidebarscandal.png Scandal +1
Boho9.png The Woman in Green Fox.png Persuasive 120 Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares +1
Revolutionary.png The Revolutionary Gathering Fox.png Persuasive 120 Flames.png Renown: Revolutionaries 10 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +1
Level 4 (These actions exchange 4 levels of Knifeting.png FaWoA for 1 CP in Volcano.png Dramatic Tension.)
The Forgotten Quarter
Ruins.png An Avenue of Dusty Earth Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 120 Volcano.png Dramatic Tension +1 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +2
Forgottenquarter.png A Moment of Respite Bear.png Dangerous 120 Ancientrifle.png 1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle
Chap2.png The Courier for Killers[1] Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 120
The Flit
Ropecourt.png A Pause for Reflection Owl.png Watchful 120 Volcano.png Dramatic Tension +1 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +2
Ropecourt.png A Long Drop[2] Bear.png Dangerous 120 Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +2
Topsy2.png The Topsy King would like a Word[3] Owl.png Watchful 120 Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares +2

Scrawl1.png SttEoI +1

  1. Moves you to Flit.png The Flit on success.
  2. Moves you to Spite.png Spite on failure.
  3. Two mutually exclusive, but seemingly functionally identical options, depending on Topsy2.png Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King.


You will need Volcano.png Dramatic Tension 2 (3 CP total) to get your rewards through The Treasures of War at your Lodgings.