Eat it

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From: A Pail of So-Called Snow

Really? Really?

Unlocked with Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 30%)


What goes down...

You pile it into your mouth […] then it all comes back up.

[…] You dream, feverishly […]

[…] when you wake next morning, your finger-nails have grown three inches, and grafted themselves to the skin of your hip. […]

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Fevered delirium

O the dreams. You see things written on your skin: letters of fire, letters of shame. […]

What have you been doing? Your skin is torn and tattered […] You tremble on the brink of wakefulness, and the shapes on your skin almost resolve into letters. Almost.

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