Joke with His Amused Lordship

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From: The Duchess' Banquet

His Amused Lordship is an occasional visitor to the palace. He is known to appreciate humour bordering on the bawdy. He is suspected of frequenting lower class establishments of entertainment in disguise.

Unlocked with Masquing 11

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


'...and then the spider-council said, "Well, how many legs does she need?'

His Amused Lordship roars with laughter until the dining hall shakes. You will remember that laugh […] He slaps your back in a comradely fashion, and tells you the one about the Drownie and the Starveling Cat.

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Rare Success

'Have I told you the one about the fishwife and the Rubbery Lumps?'

[…] "And then she said, "But this is a milliner's shop! There's no haddock here!"" He looks fit to combust. Then he quietens. […] "She doesn't know how lucky she was that I was there to save her," he says. 'Mind you don't make the same mistakes.'

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'..and then Mr Iron dropped its pens...'

His Amused Lordship is not amused.