Off to Mahogany Hall

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From: Speak with the Urchin on the Roof

"And there's an 'ipnotist an' the men wot dress as ladies an' the princess who are dead pretty an' the..." He does get very excited about Mahogany Hall. Perhaps you should take a look.

Game Instructions: This will take you to Mahogany Hall. If you don't know the route, you can open it up here at your Lodgings with the 'Open a way to other parts of the City' storylet.

Unlocked with Route: The Flit, Route: Mahogany Hall, Shadowy 80

Locked with Tales of Mahogany Hall


Grubby little secrets

"If you're gonna go the back way in ter the 'all, you'll need secrets and weasels an' that. Tell you wot, I heard some stuff over at the whelk stall..."