Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Station VIII Branch

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Description summary:
The first paragraph changes if you have a Newly-Cast Crown of the City of London. The rest is about a painting in the office – a result of your decision in getting to Balmoral.

CrownFirst Paragraph
NoThe building has the same rather grim and uninspired form as Factory VIII, but the Tracklayers have tried to enliven it with a few decorative elements.
YesNext to the door, someone has hung a commemorative plate. It is painted in your likeness, wearing your newly-cast crown. There is a gilded trim like a wreath of mushrooms.
ConditionPainting Description
Used Hellworms to get to BalmoralAbove the desk is a painting – not the work of a professional artist – depicting a heroic Tracklayer holding the reins of a Hellworm. The Hellworm's fiery maw has been rendered in loving detail by someone who has obviously seen it close-up.
Detoured through Parabola to get to Balmoral[…] Those curves are the Parabolan landscape; that thick yellow brushwork represents a smoky air. And those thin, quick zigzags in the grass – those must be the tracks that slither and dart about when no train happens to be passing over them.

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Storylet appears in Station VIII


Present the union members with a good-will gift
Lay an astonishing feast for the Tracklayers
Slip through the mirror

Develop the Station

Commission a statue
Build a lighthouse above the station
Place a mirror in the washrooms
Improve your canteen
Kit out your canteen

Manage your lighthouse

Turn up the brilliance of the Lighthouse
Dim the Lighthouse