Revel in the error that others will not speak of

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From: Confessions at the Feast of Masks

Action Cost: 3

No confessional box could contain the things you've done. No priest will hear them.

Game Instructions: You will need an associate engaged in the search for the Name. Both of you must have Wounds, Nightmares, Suspicion and Scandal at 5 or more. Don't do this.

Unlocked with Scandal 5, Suspicion 5, Nightmares 5, Wounds 5, seeking Mr Eaten's Name 1

When Sent

You don no mask

...other than the one you wear every day. The one people smile at in the street. The one you dream black dreams behind. You are empty-handed - you will have work to do on your journey.

A devil stops you in the street, brassy eyes shining with revelation. He chews on a once-perfect nail, and asks 'I must beg your pardon, but where we will go when Hell is full? Where? Can I stay with you, perhaps?' You smile, widely and whitely. He remembers urgent business.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png ---

Once Accepted

You will receive:

You meet [invitee] over a well, your hands freshly red, and speak of cats and candles, knives and numbers and North, North, North. Dogs bay in an adjoining yard. Fat flies crawl over the gaslamp, spilling bulbous shadows. The well is laughing.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png You meet [Player] over a well and speak of the Name and its pursuit. You know you can't trust them. The path you are set on is narrow as cheesewire. No room for two. This meeting is no comfort. It is a baring of teeth.