Riding the Savage Cobbles (Guide)

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Diamondsmall.png Early PoSI Content
Riding the Savage Cobbles Summary
Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 14+ A 1 A


Raise Riding the Savage Cobbles to 7.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 1.23 Raw SPA -


This is a repeatable story and rewards are obtainable multiple times. If you pass all the Dangerous 122 and 125 challenges on the level 0 to 6 storylets, it takes 14 actions to reach level 7. Here you can choose a conclusion with items worth E 17.50 to E 18.50, or increase Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case.

Building Riding the Savage Cobbles[edit]

Storylet Challenge Success Failure
Level 0 to 4
Foiling Footpads 122  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
Foil a Robbery 122  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
In the Boozer with the Lads[1] 10  +2 CP  +1 CP 
Messenger Duty 122  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
Level 5 to 6
Having a Lark 125  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
Dealing with a Hard Case Automatic +1 CP  -
A Blaze in Spite 125  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
Rescue an Informer from Devils 125  +2 CP  +1 CP  +1 CP 
  1. Unlocked with Renown: Constables 15

Riding the Savage Cobbles 7[edit]

You can choose An Eye Wide Open ( +5 CP Dangerous) which does not reset Riding the Savage Cobbles, or claim your reward with one of the following storylets, all of which do reset it:

Storylet Action Challenge Success Failure
Another Strike Go and crack some heads [1] 120  (17.50E)

1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle
2 x Rattus Faber Rifle


3 x An Identity Uncovered!

Riots in Watchmaker's Hill! Shops are Burning! Read them the Riot Act 125  (17.50E)

7 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844


19 x Compromising Document

Attend a Funeral Keep a quiet dignity 120  (18.50E)

1 x Blackmail Material
2 x An Identity Uncovered!
2 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip


240 x Proscribed Material
+2 CP Wounds

The Knuckle-Scarred Inspector is Indisposed Try to calm the Inspector down[2] 126  (18.50E)

1 x Uncanny Incunabulum
2 x Journal of Infamy
2 x Extraordinary Implication


3 x Extraordinary Implication
4 x Journal of Infamy
+2 CP Wounds

BLEF! BLEF![3] Automatic (18.00E)

36 x Compromising Document

The Jack Case[4] The hard way 130  +5 CP Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case
+20 CP Dangerous
+3 CP Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case
+2 CP Wounds
The clever way 130  +5 CP Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case
+20 CP Watchful
+3 CP Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case
+2 CP Nightmares


This provides between 0.638 E and 1.233 E per action, the latter if all are successes. This requires a Dangerous of 209.

  1. Locked with A Union Sympathiser 5
  2. Locked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1
  3. Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1
  4. Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1–19