Scheme: Set up a Salon

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From: The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse

This is a fashionable address. You could establish a salon: arrange visits […] all for the exaltation of taste and the expansion of mind. […]

[…] You'll need to play upon a huge range of connections, and arrange rather better furniture. And a good cellar.

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Game Instructions: This will give you a Salon Affiliation, which makes you Respectable and Bizarre and with work will produce Making Waves. It will prevent you opening an Orphanage.

Unlocked with 1 x Key to a Handsome Townhouse and

Locked with 1 x A Salon or 1 x An Orphanage


A blaze of light!

Your first gathering is a success, though not a resounding success. One-quarter of the guests you had invited actually arrive. […] Still, […] several of your guests remain awake. All of them thank you.

It's a good start. Next time will be better.

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Success Instructions: You can dispose of your Salon at any time by using the Key to your Handsome Townhouse. IMPORTANT! If you ever lose your Townhouse, your Salon will go with it.

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