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From: Horatia's Parlour

Mrs Chapman's is known for not only the crispness of her biscuits, but their crumble, heft and consistency when dipped in tea. The recipes are as much a secret as the elusive proprietress.

Unlocked with The Season in Soup is exactly 2 (World Quality, now available)


A momentary respite

[…] "Oh, heaven," the Efficient Commissioner says before seeing you and composing herself.

[…] the Efficient Commissioner is […] apparently one for biscuits. You spend a companionable half hour discussing and experiencing the merits of Mrs Chapman's latest.

Description summary:
The last paragraph changes during the various Festivals throughout the year.

Current FestivalLast paragraph
London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional RoseThe Efficient Commissioner closes her book with a definite thud. "If you'll forgive me, I have somewhere to be tonight." A raised eyebrow invites questions, just as a set to the jaw indicates that she will not be answering them.
London's Season: WhitsunThe Efficient Commissioner makes a dignified exit, which is particularly commendable given the number of eggs she has evidently secreted into her bags.
London's Season: HallowmasThe Efficient Commissioner makes herself scare when you leave. "I've no patience for all this. Masks and confessions, declarations and secrets. I've lived through enough of all that."
London's Season: ChristmasThe Efficient Commissioner plans to stay at Mrs Chapman's over the Yule season. "For old times' sake," she explains. "And for old friends not forgot."

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