The Crowds of Spite (Guide)

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Also known as the Pickpocket's Promenade

Steal.png The Crowds of Spite is an area unlocked with Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 10 which can be useful for obtaining certain items at an early stage of the game. It mainly revolves around three things: Purse.png Pickpocket's Trophy, which can be turned in at the end for rewards, Conversation.png Approaching your Destination which track how close to the end you are and which ends the Promenade once it hits 10, and Spite.png Unseen which tracks how suspicious you are, and will have negative effects if it hits 0.

The Routes[edit]

It will cost an action to select a route, the only difference between them are:

Certain harder and more rewarding opportunity cards appear at Conversation.png Approaching your Destination < 5

The cards you get will be the same and there will be ways to lower Conversation.png Approaching your Destination as you move through the crowd. Your choice isn't very important but if you are here to grind items and plan to stay longer, then Blythenhale or Strung-Up Street will always be the best option.


A Pickpocket's Promenade is usually played with opportunity cards, however there are also some storylets which can be played at any time.

The Storylets[edit]

Stop and consider How does this work? (A reminder of of how this works) No Action Cost
Loiter Cardfan.png Luck 50%

Conversation.png AYD -1
Spite.png Unseen -1

Conversation.png AYD -1
Spite.png Unseen -2

The Cards[edit]

When pickpocketing you will usually gain an amount of Purse.png Trophies based on your base Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy, but this will be capped to a certain maximum amounts of trophies, which can be sorted in the table below.

Window-shopping from A mould-spangled curiosity shop is the ONLY CARD that can reduce Conversation.png Approaching your Destination (by 1, it also raises unseen by 1).

The Watchful Eyes Card will cause you to gain Conversation.png AYD no matter what option you choose, just leave it in your deck unless you really want to end your promenade.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all actions give Conversation.png AYD +1.
Card Pickpocket Challenge Purse.png Trophy Cap Pass by Pickpocket Failure
A Constable! Sidebarshadowy.png 30 15 Conversation.png AYD +2
A drunk Sidebarshadowy.png 3 11 Spite.png Unseen -2
A mould-spangled curiosity shop Sidebarshadowy.png 5 12 Spite.png Unseen +1 Spite.png Unseen -1
A Shopkeeper Sidebarshadowy.png 20 14 Spite.png Unseen -1
A Special Constable Sidebarshadowy.png 40 16
A Street Performer Sidebarshadowy.png 5 13 Spite.png Unseen +1 Spite.png Unseen -1
A... pickpocket? Sidebarshadowy.png 50 16 Purse.png Trophy -3
An Argument Sidebarshadowy.png 10 12 Spite.png Unseen +1 Spite.png Unseen -1
Gaoler Sidebarshadowy.png 10 13 [1] Spite.png Unseen -1
Jack! Sidebarshadowy.png 60 ? [2] Sidebarwounds.png Wounds +3 CP
Bear.png 100 0 [3] N/A
The Actress Sidebarshadowy.png 15 14 Spite.png Unseen -1
The Costermonger Sidebarshadowy.png 12 13 Spite.png Unseen -5
The Rat-Catcher Sidebarshadowy.png 12 0 [4]
Watchful Eyes Sidebarshadowy.png 30 0 N/A Spite.png Unseen -1
Cardfan.png Luck 50% 0 [5]
  1. Also gives Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares
  2. Conversation.png AYD +2
  3. Instead provides
  4. Conversation.png AYD +2


When your Conversation.png Approaching your Destination reaches 10, The End of the Road! will autofire with the Examine your loot option. No action is needed and selecting Examine your loot will redirect you to Dispose of your Pickpocket's Trophies. You can trade Purse.png Pickpocket's Trophy for items until you run out of them. Everything will reset once you select the Finished! option so don't let your Purse.png Pickpocket's Trophy go to waste.

Each Trophy usually has a value of 0.2 Icon-echo.png

Option Reward
Dispose of seventy trophies

Bookpurple.png Journal of Infamy +12
Book.png Proscribed Material +50
Scaryeye.png Tale of Terror!! +12

Dispose of sixty trophies

Coin.png First City Coin +1
Currency3 silver.png Fistful of Surface Currency +350
Banknotes.png Penny +125

Dispose of fifty Trophies via the Acquisitive Relicquarian

Graffitihiero.png Presbyterate Passphrase +2
Mountainglow.png Mystery of the Elder Continent +10
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +30? CP

Dispose of forty Trophies

Scrap7.png Thirsty Bombazine Scrap +3
Scrap2.png Whisper-Satin Scrap +1
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +15 CP

Dispose of thirty Trophies

Adoration.png Touching Love Story +1
Papers3.png Compromising Document +5
Conversation.png Scrap of Incendiary Gossip +2
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +10 CP

Dispose of twenty Trophies

Sapphire.png Sapphire +6
Ruby.png Venom-Ruby +6
Diamond.png Flawed Diamond +4
Diamondblue.png Ostentatious Diamond +(3 to 8)
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +5 CP

Dispose of ten Trophies

Whispered secret.png Whispered Hint +20
Jade.png Jade Fragment +30
Red gold.png Piece of Rostygold +30
Moonpearl.png Moon-Pearl +(1 to 106)
Shard.png Shard of Glim +(1 to 100)
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +2 CP

Dispose of five Trophies

Silk.png Silk Scrap +100
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy +1 CP

Dispose of one Trophy

Amber.png Nodule of Deep Amber +20


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