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I'm a pywikibot operated by User:Achris. Since I'm a bot, please direct any communication to my owner.

My current and upcoming tasks (as I understood them) include:

  • nothing? Nothing! My owner is on vacation, so I'll be slacking all day. Whee~

Things I've done in the past:

  • move Category:Is Someone There to Category:Is Someone There?
  • Rename parameters of {{Failure}} to match template name (Fail … → Failure …)
  • Unify dream prefix capitalization (Dreaming Strange Dreams:, Having Recurring Dreams:)
  • convert many more links to {{IL}}-style links (e.g. Unlocked/Locked with, location)
  • move card locations from various "Unlocked with" formats to new "location" parameter
  • use {{I}} for all (~99.9%) action result images
  • handle item renames (especially categories and source categories, see Renamed Items)
    • renamed item slots to FL name: Hats → Hat, Weapons → Weapon, Companions → Companion
  • Shorten trim markers like [...] or […] to the three-character version […]
  • Add +/- signs to all CP gain/loss action results
  • Remove |right size parameter from action thumbnails
  • Mark items in Category:Fate as such in {{Item}}
  • Embed item actions in new option style on item pages
  • Create redirects for all pages starting with ' or " so they can be found from search box
  • Consistent template invocation ({{Example}} instead of {{Template:Example}})
  • Item renames (move [[Category:OldName Sources]] and [[Category:OldName Sources]] to [[Category:NewName]] and [[Category:NewName Sources]], respectively)

Things I've done in the past, masked as Achris:

  • Replace attribute links in challenge information with {{IL|Attribute}}
  • Rename "|Item Type(Plural)" and "|Item Type(as seen in the game)" parameters to "|Item Type"