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About me[edit]

Feel free to add me as a contact. Need a patron? Send me a request! (Check below for my current specialisation)

Spex.png fynnkaterin in Fallen London
Ambition BITE MR FIRES Bag a Legend ✔︎
Club Sophia's
Profession Monster-Hunter: Teratomancer
Ship The Adventuress
Closest to Urchins
Destiny Gleam
Prominence Paramount Presence

I also have a FL tumblr: justneathythings



Some of my favourite things I've worked on.

Potential pages[edit]

I haven't decided yet if these will be of use to anyone else. Feel free to make suggestions

Peek at my notes: User:Fynnkaterin/Scratch


Favorite wiki quotes[edit]

"If I wanted to make good decisions I would have played a different game instead of Fallen London. But instead, here I am, burning thousands of dollars for no reason. I guess I'm doing it to make a sentient pile of dirt happy, but the dirt doesn't even care." —PSGarak on Burn your scrip in (a fire)

"In other fantastical stories, your player character would be a crazy villain trying to unleash ancient evils for this or that omnicidal agenda." —Rostygold on Present the Mandolinist with Moonlight

"For the first cap increase you'll need to poison yourself. A second experiment involving less poisoning yourself will raise the cap to its max." —Asarta in Raising Attribute Caps (Guide): Kataleptic Toxicology

"We need someone to get 49 Heptagoats so we can rule out another goat after this one." —anonymous comment on Heptagoat

"I can't even remember how I got this. I clicked on something and accidentally ended up in a threesome." —anonymous comment on Philosophically Perfect Partnership

"why's it so rare when i personally am a renewable source" —anonymous comment on Acquire some 'Elation at Feline Oration'

"The scariest possible icon a meat product can have." —anonymous comment on Tinned Ham