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During the early part of the game, the Making Your Name stories are the main way you'll progress through the story, raise your attributes, and unlock new locations.

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Why should I care about making my name?[edit]

The Making Your Name stories guide you through the early-game content, introducing you to basic game mechanics (such as attribute-based challenges and acquiring items) while also telling a story. Many of the characters and events you first encounter while Making Your Name will reappear later. The Making your Name stories also unlock many important opportunities, such as the laboratory (and by extension, the railway), and Tribute at the Court of the Wakeful eye.

These stories also help you raise your main attributes by setting challenges whose difficulty generally matches your current level. The conclusions of major stages of the stories generally come with a bigger CP boost. Combined with the training professions, the Making Your Name stories will get you much of the way to raising each main attribute to 100 and becoming A Person of Some Importance.

Finally, by following these stories, you'll progress across the map—each one begins in one of the starting locations, and eventually leads you to other related locations.

Each of the Making Your Name stories has 7 stages, and the conclusion of each stage raises the level of that quality by 1. You can check your progress by looking for the relevant A Name... quality on your Myself tab, under Stories.

A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets[edit]


Hone your Watchful abilities by doing detective work, spying, pursuing expeditions, and engaging in arcane scholarship.

The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective in Ladybones Road To begin making your name as a detective in London, you'll first need to establish some contacts. That's why your first case will be to track down the Honey-Addled Detective.

Find a Tattooed Courier's Contact[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: Find a Tattooed Courier's contact in Ladybones Road

Your next venture is assisting the Constables, who suspect something sinister regarding the tattoos coming out of Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour.

The Case of the Absconding Devil[edit]

Start: Working with the Honey-Addled Detective in Moloch Street. Choose the option Making Your Name: The Case of the Absconding Devil.

A Devil is missing from The Brass Embassy, and the Honey-Addled Detective is on the case. He wants your help.

While on this case, you have a complication in the form of a Surly Goat-Demon, which appears in your Opportunity cards. Confronting it can either increase or decrease your Detective's Progress, along with other effects.

The Disappearing Heiress[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Engaged in a Case (Guide)

Start: Life on Ladybones Road in Ladybones Road. Choose the option Making Your Name – Begin a Case: the Disappearing Heiress.

The Comtessa has disappeared with a quantity of her father's money. He wants you to get it — er, and her, of course — back.

A Raid on the Brass Embassy[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: A Raid on the Brass Embassy! in Ladybones Road

Choose whether to side with the Constables or the Devils. Concluding this part unlocks the location The Forgotten Quarter.

Nevercold Brass Slivers can be gained on the Night Watch at the Brass Embassy Warehouse storylet, Souls can be gained with Track down a Spirifer and Cryptic Clues can be gained with Scrutinise Infernal Contracts.

The Tomb of the Seven[edit]

Start: Set Up Camp in The Forgotten Quarter

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide)

You've found clues indicating something intriguing buried in The Forgotten Quarter. Time for a crash course in Archaeology.

Your ultimate goal here is to make a successful expedition to The Tomb of the Seven and recover the Set of Correspondence Stones. Doing so will make you A Scholar of the Correspondence and unlock The University.

In order to even attempt the expedition to the Tomb, you have to build up your Archaeologist quality to 3 by completing other expeditions.

Concluding the expedition gets you the Stones, and playing the storylet The Secrets of the Stones gets your first level of SoTC and access to the University. You will also be Engaged in a Rivalry of Antiquities, allowing you to play an optional storylet involving the deviless Virginia. If you lose the Stones here and want them back (they'll be useful much later if you become a Correspondent), there is a card drawn in the University to reclaim them.

Tales of the University[edit]

Start: Making your Name: Invitations from the University, a storylet anywhere in London

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Featuring in the Tales of the University (Guide)

As a Scholar of the Correspondence, you've attracted the attention of both The University's colleges, the radical Benthic and the more traditional Summerset. Which one will you ally yourself with?

Your goal is to progress through the University storyline, increasing the quality Featuring in the Tales of the University up to 25, and concluding by solving a case.

Some notable points in this storyline:


A Name Whispered in Darkness[edit]


Improve your Shadowy skills by uncovering secrets, committing burglaries, associating with urchins and thieves, and peering into a hidden world.

A Courier's Secret[edit]

Start: Making your Name: a Courier's Secret in Spite

It seems the anarchists of Fallen London are communicating through one of Spite's couriers. Intercepting their messages would be a good exercise of your Shadowy skills.

Build up your Shadowy until you can succeed at A Trove of Secrets. There are several ways to do this in the storylet The Alleys of Spite.

A Journalist and a Cat[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: the Next Step in Spite

You're starting to get the hang of this stealthy business. Time to see what else you can uncover in Spite. Investigate the Careworn Journalist, or catch a grey cat.


A player-created Guide is available for this content: Casing (Guide)

Start: Making Your Name: Area-Diving! in Spite

Find your way into one of Fallen London's finer homes via the staff entrance and liberate some valuables. Your goal is to complete an area-dive. For information on building up Casing..., refer to Casing (Guide).

Going Up in the World[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: Going Up in the World in The Flit

The Flit is the rooftop world of thieves, urchins, and the Topsy King, and it's time for you to learn the ropes.

To access The Flit, click the location on the map to open Enter the Flit. The route can be unlocked either by passing the Shadowy 50 challenge or by spending 1200 x Moon-Pearl.

You will also need to spend 1000 x Jade Fragments. These can be gained efficiently by stealing for the Widow in Spite. This will also get Connected: The Widow which probably will be useful at some point.

A Rash of Burglaries[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Casing (Guide)

Start: Making your Name: a Rash of Burglaries in The Flit

If you want to prove you're more than a common criminal, you need to pull off bigger robberies. Build Casing... and use it to rob various targets to raise Master Thief to level 5.

The Records Office in Concord Square[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: On a Heist (Guide)

Start: Planning a Heist in the Plan a Heist area of The Flit

You know where the Constables store their records, and there's bound to be some valuable information among all that paperwork. Successfully rob the records office in Concord Square.

Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (Guide)

Start: The Heights of Chicanery in The Flit

There's another world hidden in these shadows, but so far you've seen only glimpses of it. The bats and cats of The Flit know something about it, but will they tell you their secrets?

Your goal is to increase Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion (via rare successes on actions from The Heights of Chicanery) to discover the secrets of The Flit.

Note: You will reach A Name Whispered in Darkness 7 by completing the Bats and Cats section and reaching Embroiled 9, but the Wars of Illusion storyline continues from there and eventually leads to Mahogany Hall.

A Name Scrawled in Blood[edit]


Become more Dangerous by exterminating London's pests, hunting monsters, duelling, and capturing strange beasts.

A Worryingly Large Rat[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Department of Menace Eradication (Guide)

Start: Making your Name: the Contract in Watchmaker's Hill

There's talk of a rat in Watchmaker's Hill that's bigger than a rat has any business being. The Department of Menace Eradication is offering a sizable reward for bringing it in.

An Infestation of Sorrow-Spiders[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Running Battle (Guide)

Start: The Department of Menace Eradication in The Dept. of Menace Eradication; choose the option Making Your Name! A Contract to Destroy an Infestation of Sorrow-Spiders

These aren't your garden-variety spiders. Slay them and bring back their legs as proof, and you'll have boosted your reputation as a monster-hunter — and probably saved a few eyeballs.

A Picnic on the Marsh's Edge[edit]

Start: Business on Watchmaker's Hill in Watchmaker's Hill

You just want to enjoy your picnic, but unfortunately so do these rats.

The Fighting Rings[edit]

Start: Making your Name: the Fighting Rings in Watchmaker's Hill

The duellist Feducci runs a series of fighting rings in Fallen London. If you can survive them, he's sure to take notice of you.

  • Each ring requires a different item to buy in, beginning with 100 x Piece of Rostygold to enter the Ring of Meat.
  • Earn 5 x Tale of Terror!! in the Ring of Meat to buy into the Ring of Roses.
  • Repeat until you win 3 x Presbyterate Passphrase in the Ring of Roses so you can enter the Painted Ring.
  • Win in the Painted Ring to unlock the next stage.

A Conspiracy of Spiders[edit]

Start: Making Your Name: a Conspiracy of Spiders in Wolfstack Docks

More spiders? Time to get to the bottom of this. Investigate the spiders in Wolfstack Docks and figure out where they're coming from and what to do about them.

Duelling with the Black Ribbon[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Running Battle (Guide)

Start: Making your Name: a Letter from Feducci in Wolfstack Docks

Your fighting prowess has earned you the privilege of dueling the Black Ribbon. Defeating them will earn you great renown, and if you lose… well, your reputation won't much matter anymore. Raise Running Battle... in order to challenge progressively stronger Black Ribbon duellists, ultimately raising your A Fearsome Duellist quality to 5.

The bulk of your actions during this section will be spent raising Running Battle. This quality can be raised using the Airs-dependent options under Duelling with the Black Ribbon at The Blind Helmsman, which range in difficulty from Dangerous 74–84 and give +2–3 CP Running Battle per success, or any of the other sources listed in Running Battle (Guide).

Tip: If you're having difficulty passing the checks and keeping Wounds down, take a contract for Sorrow-Spiders at The Department of Menace Eradication and use the options there, which have lower challenge levels giving +1–2 CP of Running Battle. (Make sure you do not turn in your spider legs when you're done, as this will reset Running Battle.)

To challenge a Black Ribbon duellist, you'll need a certain level of Running Battle (and, for more difficult opponents, other requirements including A Fearsome Duellist levels). Success will reset Running Battle, while failing will cost some. Successful duels to the death award +1 CP of A Bringer of Death.

Challenge a Black Ribbon Duellist
Duellist Option Req 100% Inc Cap Other reqs
Colonel Pommery Friendly 5 8 +1 CP 2
To the death 5 12 +1 CP 2
Father Norton Friendly 7 10 +2 CP 3
To the death 7 14 +2 CP 3
Mr Inch Friendly 9 12 +3 CP 4 1
To the death 9 16 +3 CP 4 1
Captain Vendrick[D6 1] Friendly 11 14 +4 CP 5 2, 2–4, <4
To the death 11 16 +5 CP 5 2, 5, <4,
Chi Lan[D6 2] To the death 13 18 +5 CP 6 3, <3,
Cheat 13 +5 CP 6 3, <3,
Feducci[D6 3] To the death 15 20 +7 CP 3, <2,
  1. The nature of the duel with Vendrick depends on whether you've confronted the Errant Duellist and met again with Feducci, after which he will only duel you to the death (which requires Route: The Flit, available via A Name Whispered in Darkness). Either way, you cannot challenge him again once you've won.
  2. To challenge Chi Lan, you need either Route: The Shuttered Palace (available via A Name Signed with a Flourish) or A Courier for the Dead (obtainable while on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river).
  3. Duelling Feducci requires Route: The Forgotten Quarter, available through A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets.

To advance the storyline, you need 15 CP of A Fearsome Duellist in total. Taking Duellist level requirements into account, the fewest number of duels in which you can accomplish this is 4; for example:

  • Father Norton (+2 CP), Mr Inch (+3 CP), Mr Inch again (+3 CP), and then Feducci (+7 CP)
  • Father Norton (+2 CP), Mr Inch (+3 CP), Captain Vendrick to the death (+5 CP), Chi Lan (+5 CP)

It should be noted that beating duels to the death with anyone will award large amounts of Rostygold, in the thousands.

Once you reach A Fearsome Duellist 5, the storylet A Gathering of the Black Ribbon autofires.

Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers[edit]

Start: Making your Name: a Proposition from an Acquaintance in Wolfstack Docks

A player-created Guide is available for this content: The Hunt is On! (Guide)

Mr Inch is in need of new creatures for his most unusual zoological exhibition. Raise The Hunt is On! to attempt to kill or capture the beasts Mr Inch sets you after, and gain access to the Labyrinth of Tigers.

Unlike the previous section, the progress quality here is unique to this story, so it can only be raised by Hunting Dangerous Prey in Wolfstack Docks. The challenges range from Dangerous 86–96 and give 2 or 3 CP of THiO on success. The safest options are Observe your prey ( Dangerous 88, +2 THiO) and Stalk your prey subtly ( Dangerous 94, +3 THiO), as failing these only gives Wounds +1 CP and no loss of THiO.

Much like the Black Ribbon duels, you have a choice of targets here for progressing A Procurer of Savage Beasts, each of which involves challenges based on THiO and awards CP of APoSB, up to a certain cap. The storylet for each hunt will only appear if you have the required level of THiO. Most hunts pay in Primordial Shrieks, in amounts increasing with the difficulty; exceptions are the Safari (which pays in Jade) and the Snuffer (which pays in Rostygold).

Procure Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers
Hunt Option Req 100% Inc Cap Other reqs
Safari, Wolfstack Docks Lead 5 12 +2 CP 3
Fungus-column, Watchmaker's Hill Kill 5 8 +1 CP 2 1
Capture 5 12 +1 CP 2 1
Marsh-wolves, Watchmaker's Hill Kill 7 10 +2 CP 2 1
Capture 7 14 +2 CP 2 1
Rattus Faber brigands, Spite Kill 9 12 +2 CP 3 1
Capture 9 16 +3 CP 3 1
Goat demon, The Flit Kill 11 14 +4 CP 5 2
Capture 11 18 +5 CP 5 2
Magician, Veilgarden Capture 13 18 +5 CP 6 3, Goggles
Snuffer, Veilgarden Kill 13 18 +5 CP 6 3
Spider-council, Wolfstack Docks Capture 15 20 +7 CP 3

Once you reach APoSB 5, the storylet A letter from Mr Inch autofires, giving you access to The Labyrinth of Tigers. Here, you only need to find Mr Inch and meet with him to achieve A Name Scrawled in Blood 7.

To continue exploring the Labyrinth, consult Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers and Breeding Monsters (Guide).

A Name Signed with a Flourish[edit]


Cultivate your Persuasive talents by writing poetry, pursuing inspiring relationships, mixing in high society, and becoming known in the Empress' Court.

A Commissioned Epic[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Inspired (Guide)

Start: Make Your Name: A Commissioned Epic in The Singing Mandrake

Inspiration can be found in the commonest of subjects, and there's hardly anything more common in Fallen London than mushrooms.

A Notable Relationship[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Fascinating (Guide)

Start: Making Your Name: Pursue in a Notable Relationship in Veilgarden

In the literary world of Veilgarden, your personal life commands as much interest as your work. Who will you pursue a much-talked-about relationship with?

  • Choose whether to pursue The Honey-Sipping Heiress, The Honey-Sipping Jewel Thief, or a Cloistered Diatomist.
  • Increase Fascinating... to progress each stage of the relationship.

Writing a Short Story[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Short Stories (Guide)

Start: Making Your Name: Writing a Short Story in Veilgarden

You've been in Fallen London for a while now; you're bound to have some exhilarating experiences to write about. Get Manuscript Page to at least 10, and Potential to 30, to access the option Make Your Name: Publish your story.

Note: any Potential beyond 30 will be wasted here, since the only publication option you get the first time around is Make Your Name: Publish your story. You can try for a higher-quality story only after completing this one.

The Ambassador's Ball[edit]

Start: Make Your Name: Getting to the Ball in Veilgarden

It's the place to make your big society debut.

Acquire the Favours: Society and other items needed to get to the Ambassador's Ball. You will also unlock the route to The Shuttered Palace.

Silk Scrap can be gained with The Seamstress' Favour. Scrap of Incendiary Gossip are typically hard to get at this level. You can get some through Playing with Soul and some opportunity cards. Other sources:

An Audience with the Duchess[edit]

Start: Make Your Name: An Audience with the Duchess in The Shuttered Palace

Someone important (and delightfully controversial) has taken notice of you.

Where to get stuff:

A Courtly Romance![edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Fascinating (Guide)

Start: Making Your Name: Engage in a Courtly Romance! in The Empress' Court

Your honeyed fling in Veilgarden was the talk of the town for a little while, but Fallen London society is eager for a real fairytale romance. Where better to pursue one than a palace?

Use Attend to Matters of Romance to raise your Fascinating... quality in order to romance either the Barbed Wit or the Acclaimed Beauty. You can also become friends with the Unattainable Fashion-Flies if you would rather avoid romance. The conclusion of any of these relationships will leave you with a Memento of Passion.

See Fascinating (Guide) for tips. Also consider combining this and the next step, as several of the works that are made give Fascinating....

Carving Out a Reputation at Court[edit]

A player-created Guide is available for this content: Carving out a Reputation at Court (Guide)

Start: A slow day in The Empress' Court

You've commanded the attention of the Court. Now what will you do with it?

Unlocked with: A Name Signed with a Flourish 6. (You can begin A slow day as soon as you can access the Court, but you can only continue past Carving out a Reputation at Court 4 once you've concluded your courtly romance.)

At the end of this story, you will be Banished from the Court and (temporarily) sent to Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies.

Note: You may want to delay finishing this stage until you're A Person of Some Importance. The main benefit of being Banished is access to the location The Foreign Office, which requires PoSI status anyway. Furthermore, you can only become Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty via a relatively long process, also requiring you to be a PoSI. Finally, there are a number of storylets available at court (such as those for increasing Fascinating) that you may not want to give up until you have better sources for their rewards.