Deciphering (Guide)

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Deciphering Documents Summary
Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0-2 A 2+/14++ A 1 A


Raise Deciphering... to 5 or 15, depending on document.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 3.125 Raw SPA 3

Deciphering Documents is an activity players gain access to when initially building the Cabinet Noir. Deciphering documents uses Deciphering... as a progress quality, using Intercepted Document to determine the reward. Any surplus points of this quality is lost upon cashing in.

If you are looking to develop Cover Identities, check Cover Identities (Guide).


Deciphering Documents is a repeatable activity that allows one to obtain a variety of rewards. In order to do it, first you must obtain a document in need of deciphering, and then you need to break the code in your Cabinet Noir by raising your Deciphering... to the required level and then cashing out via Interpret your Intercepted Document

List of Documents[edit]

Document Action to Obtain Required Reward Echoes Per Action
Intercepted post Intercept a piece of post (Failure) 5
  • 2.3
  • 2.875
A document found on your train Intercept a piece of post (Success) 5
  • 2.5
  • 3.125
A document lifted from Balmoral Intercept a message (Balmoral Kitchens) 5
  • n/a
A document scrounged from the Tracklayers Steal a curious document from the Tracklayers' Office 5
  • n/a
A document bought from a Devil Sell a very advanced identity to Devils 15 1 x  Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell
  • 2.836
  • 2.857
A document bought from spies Sell a very advanced identity to Spies 15 1 x  Rumourmonger's Network
  • 2.836
  • 2.857
A mysterious letter mailed to your Lodgings "For you, (title)."[2] 15
  • 3.125
  • 3.9
  1. 1.0 1.1 Assuming the 530 actions to obtain from Cover Identities (Guide)
  2. Not Repeatable


Option Challenge Min for 100% Success Rare Success Failure
Crack a code 175, 2 292, 7 + 5 CP  + 3 CP 
Crack a code - Requires Midnighter 175, 2 292, 7 + 6 CP  + 3 CP 
Make a leap of code-breaking insight 175, 5 292, 10 + 7 CP  + 10 CP  + 3 CP , -3 CP 
Make a leap of code-breaking insight - Requires Midnighter 175, 5 292, 10 + 9 CP  + 15 CP  + 3 CP , -3 CP 
Work with the Codebreaking Courier - Requires Codebreaking Courier 150, 1 250, 6 + 4 CP  + 3 CP 

It is also possible to gain Deciphering... +1-2 CP in The Dome of Scales with Pit one Varchaasi against another, but this is highly inefficient.


Documents requiring Deciphering... 5 take a minimum of 3 actions (or 2 as a Midnighter) plus 1 action to cash out when using Make a leap of code-breaking insight, whereas documents requiring Deciphering... 15 take a minimum of 18 actions (or 14 as a Midnighter) plus 1 action to cash out.

With a maximum echoes per action of 3.125 for Midnighters, there are better grinds for money, but it is the only reliable way to obtain a Rumourmonger's Network or Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell. Additionally, in a pinch it is a way of obtaining Vital Intelligence for Moonlit Woods.


Option Requirements Reward
Interpret your Intercepted Document 5 or 15  Deciphering a Document See the list of documents for rewards.