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Available from[edit]

  • The Gates of Midnight (HALLOWMAS)
  • The Gate of Tears (CHRISTMAS)
  • The Drowning Feast (FRUITS OF THE ZEE)

The "Via" column gives the storylets with options which yield the destinies. See Learn your Destiny for the table describing how to reach them.

Destiny Description Stats Via
Appetite You may yet satisfy your hungers. Shadowy +5 Lights
Authority Dominion will be given unto you. Dangerous +5 Road
Backstage FATE Your hands, secretly, on the lever that moves the world. September


Gleam Lost in light. Watchful +5 Road

Wednesday Lights

Gloom There is a darkness in your future. Shadowy +5 September

Gifts Lights Wednesday

Passion FATE There will still be something beautiful. Persuasive +5 Road [1]
The Curator You will preserve. Persuasive +5 September


The Instrument FATE It will end in war. Dangerous +5 Wednesday
The Memory You will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain. Watchful +5 Gifts


The Oath You will be true. Persuasive +5 Lights [2]
The Revelation Everything will change. For the better? Watchful +5 September


The Road FATE The sky will open to you. Road


Torment It will end horribly for you. All stats -3 Gifts

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