Digging in the Hurlers (Guide)

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During Breaking the Ice you do some digs in The Hurlers. This is the guide on how to gain Frigid Intuition the most efficiently, as well as which dig sites are best. This is also the guide on how Crystallised Curio can be gathered and spent. Breaking the Ice is also required for Cold Comfort and Crystalline Knowledge.

The Hurlers Map.png

A minimized "map" over the Hurlers, with spoilers can be found to the right. While it's convenient to relate to the separate actions in The Hurlers as separate areas, they are technically just a web of interconnected storylets.


Meeting the Deviless[edit]

Breaking the Ice can be started by talking to A Disembarking Deviless in The Hurlers Station. You will have to fund her excavations with Hinterland Scrip. Once this has been done, you should meet her Around the Embers.

The deviless will want you to bring her Crystallised Curio from excavations in the area. In order to start excavating, you will have to first prepare on the Excavating the Hurlers storylet. The options are shown on the Frigid Intuition table below.

It's worth noting that each action gives 1 Frigid Intuition + 1 Intuition for every 2.5 E worth of items spent. This means that it will probably be more efficient to use the more expensive options, assuming you can source the items efficiently.

Frigid Intuition table
Action Cost Frigid Intuition gain
Acquaint yourself with new vocabulary 2
Collate cartographical research 3
Burn a map into your mind 4 [1]
Remember where to dig 6
  1. Also gives 1 CP Nightmares
  2. May not be sold directly

The Dig Sites[edit]

Each of the locations, except for Around the Embers has its own Digging option, and the cost of digging varies. See the Dig Site Table and the map for more info. In order to get Crystallised Curio for the deviless, you will want to increase Hurlers: Darkness as much as possible, and wear Watchful reducing items. A regular failure typically give 3 curio per intuition, with rare failures giving 4.5 curios per intuition.

In addition to Dig Sites, there's an option in The Salt Steppes that's only available with certain choices regarding the Tracklayer's City.

Dig Site table
Action Location Frigid Intuition Cost Challenge "Success" reward "Failure" reward
Break a goat-demon free Hurlers Hot Spring 1 Luck 50% Tale of Terror!! 5-6 4-5 x Crystallised Curio
2 x Aeolian Scream[1] 4-5 x Crystallised Curio
Locate a spot to dig in the wastes Desolation 1 50 x Darkness 5-6 x Ambiguous Eolith 3 x Crystallised Curio
3 x Human Arm 5 x Crystallised Curio
Locate a spot to dig around the hill Amongst the Standing Stones 2 50 x Darkness 6 x Crystallised Curio
Horned Skull 9 x Crystallised Curio
Locate a spot to drill into the ice On the Ice 2 50 x Darkness 6 x Crystallised Curio
9 x Crystallised Curio
Locate a spot to dig in the ruins The Adulterine Ruins 3 50 x Darkness 9 x Crystallised Curio
1 x Doubled Skull 13 x Crystallised Curio
Offer to help a Sharp Hunter The Salt Steppes 0 Chirurgical Touch 2 x Crystallised Curio
  1. Also gives 1 CP Nightmares

Expending the curios[edit]

While Breaking the Ice you will probably want to give your curio to the deviless, as that progresses the story. That means you first have to find her, with enough curios at hand. Her current location is shown in the table below. After receiving your Dictionary, you may visit her again with an active Discordant Law, in order to get a special companion.

Table for Locating the Deviless
Breaking the Ice Location of Deviless Curios cost Reward
0-1 Hurlers Station N/A N/A
2 The Encampment 11 11 x Extraordinary Implication
3 On the Ice 22 1 x Primaeval Hint
4 The Encampment 33 1 x Devil's Dictionary
5 Amongst the Standing Stones Companion with +1 or -1 Steward of the Discordance

After you've done the story, you should look in the following table instead.

Table for Exchanging Crystallised Curio (repeatable only)
Action Storylet Crystallised Curio Cost Reward Value per Curio
Ask her to cut apart five Crystallised Curios Licensed by Mr Stones 5 4 x Unprovenanced Artefact 2 E
Trade five Crystallised Curios Licensed by Mr Stones 5 25 5
Donate one Crystallised Curio to her stock Licensed by Mr Stones 1 +1 CP Charity Is Such A Filthy Word
Contemplate a Crystallised Curio Under the Ice 1 2.5 E
Give the goat-demon a Crystallised Curio The Caprine Vagabond 1 5.5 E


It's hard to beat sourcing Frigid Intuition with Correspondence Plaques, indirectly from The Rat Market, but they can be combined with Volume of Collated Research in order to get an even 15 Intuition. You will probably want to spend them in The Adulterine Ruins, using 3 intuition at a time. Assuming modified Watchful 200 and Darkness 7, you will "fail" roughly 2/3 of your attempts. So from 42 x Correspondence Plaques and 2 x Volume of Collated Research you end up with roughly 30 x Crystallised Curio and 17 E worth of other rewards. The Crystallised Curio are probably best exchanged for Hinterland Scrip, giving 150 scrip. The whole conversion should take 15 actions with the improvement, giving around 4.4 EPA, mostly in scrip.

Another option is to give the curio away for free and gain Charity Is Such A Filthy Word. Increasing it to level 5 and entering a carriage gives 90 E , and you could do it twice with 30 curio. This gives 180+17-21-5 E over 41 actions or ~4.17 EPA, in addition to two resets of Suspicion.