Featuring in the Tales of the University (Guide)

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It is what you may call a castle manned by learning and scholarship. Or a vicious and permanent dog-fight between Benthic College and Summerset College.


Featuring in the Tales of the University is the final part of the Watchful Making your Name. This Guide will take you through the steps needed to complete it.

Featuring in the Tales of the University 1-5[edit]


Featuring in the Tales of the University is started on either Invitations from the University or The University 1. Either of these will give you Featuring in the Tales of the University 1. After that you will need to go through the few levels, which introduced you to the main characters, before you can start doing interesting things.

Interlude: the Term Passing Carousel[edit]

The next storylet is A most notable academic however by playing the previous option you've unlocked the Term Passing carousel which this option locks. As parts of this carousel can be quite profitable it is highly advised that you spend some time doing the carousel first. For more information on the carousel see: Term Passing... (Guide).

Featuring in the Tales of the University 6-8[edit]


After you've become A most notable academic you can proceed with University live. Becoming A most notable academic will lock you out of all the options discussed before. You'll then need to do a few steps before you a new carousel wil open up.

Featuring in the Tales of the University 9-24[edit]


After completing the previous storylet a new Term Passing... carousel will open. The only way to make progress here is to raise your Investigating... high enough to progress with your investigation of the case. One of the most profitable ways to do this is Talk to the Porters which gives you Sudden Insights, which in batches of five at a time can be traded in under Attend to Matters of Watchfulness and Nightmares using Every stone to massively increase Watchful. Talk to the Porters requires Cryptic Clues, which can be obtained through other options under Investigations in the university, or by trading in spare Investigating... with Raid a Message-Drop (requires A Name Whispered in Darkness 6). As this is one best ways in the game to do this it is advised you get everything out of it you want before doing the last of the options mentioned below which locks it.

The Storylets[edit]

Level 9

  • Consider your initial suspects (requires Investigating... 9). Who could have murdered a man so permanently? Based on the evidence, you have two suspects: the use of a sorrow-spider implicates the Consumptive Cryptozoologist, while the vial of venom found at the scene suggests the Fellow in Venomous Rarefaction.

Level 10

Level 11

  • A spidery hypothesis (requires Investigating... 9). This is quickly getting out of your area of expertise. You'll need to consult an expert, who you unfortunately also suspect of the murder.

Level 12

Level 13

  • On the matter of spiders (requires Investigating... 9). But who owned the mirror traveling spider? After consulting the University's records you find out the Provost of Summerset has had one for years.

Level 14

  • The Fellow in Venomous Rarefaction (requires Investigating... 9). As The Fellow in Venomous Rarefaction is allergic to sorrow-spiders he is off the suspects list. However, he does tell you about something illegal called Cantigaster venom, which the Senior Reader was using in his research.

Level 15

  • The Poison and the Palace (requires Investigating... 9). The Senior Reader was holding a vial of Cantigatser Venom when he died. The stuff comes from the palace apparently, but no one knows from who exactly.

Level 16

  • The Duchess and the Cantigaster (requires Investigating... 9). After having interrogated a servant you're waiting in the third wine cellar on Sunday when the Duchess approaches. She opens the door with an immense bronze key; beyond the door lies the Cantigaster, once a man, now a sac of poison.

Level 17

Level 18

  • Look into love (requires Investigating... 9). The Consumptive Cryptozoologist has a Radical Postgraduate sister driven mad by an experiment of the Senior Reader. Finally a good motive.

Level 19

  • What were they up to? (requires Investigating... 8). The Department of _______ tell you (after some threatening) that the Senior Reader was trying to contact the sun (really bad idea in Fallen London, after all as Nietzsche already said: if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. The same goes for talking to it.). This drove the poor girl insane.

Level 20

  • Dig up some dirt on the Provost (requires Investigating... 8). Even though the case against the Consumptive Cryptozoologist seems ironclad it would be wise to exclude the Provost first. After taking a look at his appointments every Thursday is full for no reason. When you follow him you see him picnicking with a devil!

Level 21

Level 22

  • What connects the Bazaar and love stories? (requires Investigating... 6). Even though you have solved the case it would be wise to investigate the last loose thread: What connects the Bazaar and love stories? And is it really a sentient being? What you can decipher from the Correspondence sigils upon its spires seems to indicate it indeed hungers for love.

Level 23

  • A note from the Masters (requires Investigating... 6). You have been summoned by the Masters of the Bazaar. The Master commends your skill and knowledge, and proceeds to describe the Master's relationship to the Provost. He is useful, but not trusted. Favored, but not protected. If they had to replace him, it would be inconvenient... but only that.

The End[edit]


Revealing the murderer of the Senior Reader in _______ will finish A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets. Don't do this until you've done everything you wanted to do using the Term Passing carousel mentioned above.

The Final steps[edit]

Level 24

Level 25

Level 26

Level 27

What is it all for?[edit]


You'll be redirected to your Lodgings where The Honey-Addled Detective will ask you what it was all for. No matter your choice this will set A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets to 7 (Immortal in Horizon Glyphs) and will increase Watchful by 500 CP. That concludes the this portion of Making your Name.

Afterwards, you can embark on a voyage of scientific discovery.