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1899 II (2022)[edit]

Hallowmas Companions available this year
Original Confessions Upgraded Companion Stats Uses
Weary Wayfinder Epistemological Mapmaker
Navigator-Elect of the Sea of Spines
Reprehensible Lizard Reptilian Darling of the Beau Monde
Genre Painter Prescient Automatist Helicon House entry (equivalent to Genre Painter)
Cloistered Diatomist Monastic Diatomist
Inquisitive Lamp-cat Feline Pariah A Cub's Education
Efficient Commissioner (FATE) Efficient Plenipotentiary
Alluring Accomplice Fabulous Accomplice Entering Helicon House; Spouse option
Rubbery Bellringer Rubbery Herald Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Campanologist)
Rubbery Campanologist Fitting in at Helicon House (with Rubbery Herald)
Working Rat Minacious Union-Rat Introduce to Furnace (text-only)
Acquaintance: The Precocious Engineer The Precocious Engineer

1899 I (2021)[edit]


Base Companion Stats Required Confessions New Companion Stats
Rubbery Newcomer Liquid Debutante
Squirming Reprobate
The Pirate-Poet The Pirate-Poet, Inscribed Anew
Metaphysically Educated Rattus Faber Persuasive +6 Rodentine Panegyrist
Starry-Eyed Scoundrel Stormy-Eyed Scoundrel
Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk Watchful +4 Ex-Privateer Illuminator
The Chap on the Corner Consummate Wallflower
Rubbery Feline Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat
Cheerful Goldfish Nightmares -1 Haunted Goldfish Dreaded +2


Item Required Confessions Extra Item/Companion Stats
Misplaced Ring Recalcitrant Sculptress (Companion)
Incognito Princess (FATE) The Captivating Princess' Third-Best Tiara (Hat)
Grubby Urchin Relict Catapult (Weapon)

Previous years[edit]

You can also get the upgraded companions/items from previous years' Hallowmas by paying a FATE price between 10 FATE and 30 FATE in the storylet Let Slivvy Speak, accessed from The Streets of London: Hallowmas.

Item Cost Effects  
Feline Pariah 20 FATE
Monastic Diatomist 20 FATE
The Precocious Engineer (Companion) 20 FATE
Prescient Automatist 20 FATE
Reptilian Darling of the Beau Monde 20 FATE
Epistemological Mapmaker 20 FATE
Efficient Plenipotentiary 30 FATE
An Assuming Judge 20 FATE
Liquid Debutante 20 FATE
Roseate Antagonist 15 FATE
August Feline 15 FATE
Very Well-Behaved Mandrake 20 FATE
Nocturnal Tracklayer 20 FATE
Well-Scrubbed Urchin 20 FATE
Only-Semi-Retired Privateer Charter Clerk 15 FATE
Stormy-Eyed Scoundrel 20 FATE
Obstinate Tracklayer 20 FATE
Pernicious Primate 20 FATE
A Very Lenient Judge 20 FATE
Squirming Reprobate 20 FATE
Sister Lydia, At Peace With Herself 20 FATE
Rubbery Yes-Man 20 FATE
Esoteric Accomplice 20 FATE
Princeling of the Wakeful Court 15 FATE
Condolent Monkey 20 FATE
Portable Fingerking Moot 30 FATE
Extravagantly Titled Tigress 25 FATE
Nimble-fingered Intelligencer 20 FATE
Relict Catapult 20 FATE
Ursine Honey Connoisseur 15 FATE
Murderous Monkey 20 FATE
Senatorial Spider 15 FATE
The Pirate-Poet, Inscribed Anew 20 FATE
Tough Tracklayer 20 FATE
Ex-Privateer Illuminator 15 FATE
Celebrated Weasel 10 FATE
Dutiful Orphan 15 FATE
A Reactionary Tomb-Colonist 30 FATE
Faustian Henchman 20 FATE
Melancholy Monkey 15 FATE
Buccaneering Palaeontologist 20 FATE
Haunted Goldfish 10 FATE
Midnight Matriarch of the Menagerie of Roses 25 FATE
Spider of Silken Marvels 15 FATE
Recalcitrant Sculptress 30 FATE
Navigator-Elect of the Sea of Spines 20 FATE
A Venomous Caricaturist 20 FATE
Utterly Livid Bat 15 FATE
Illuminated Rat 20 FATE
The Scuttering Scoundrels 20 FATE
A Redoubtable Dame-Harbinger 30 FATE
Skullduggerous Urchin 20 FATE
Protective Mandrake 20 FATE
Cryptographic Chiropteran 20 FATE
Weeping Doll 10 FATE
Meticulous Henchman 20 FATE
Consummate Wallflower 20 FATE
The Captivating Princess' Third-Best Tiara 20 FATE
Winged Creature of Considerable Speed 20 FATE
Iconoclastic Cryptanalyst 20 FATE
The Scuttering Palace Guard 20 FATE
Regretful Sceptic 30 FATE
Pious Henchman 20 FATE
Suave Henchman 20 FATE
Mandrake Who Sings Haunting Lamentations 20 FATE
Formerly Talkative Bearer of the Sausage About Which Nobody Complains 20 FATE
Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat 20 FATE
Rodentine Panegyrist 15 FATE
An Enfranchised Anchoress 30 FATE
Unforgiving Urchin 15 FATE
Minacious Union-Rat 20 FATE
Fabulous Accomplice 20 FATE
Rubbery Herald 20 FATE
Rubbery Campanologist 15 FATE