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Hurling Summary
Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 8+ A 1 A


Make sure your chosen side loses Goat vs Goat while Hurlyburly ticks down to 0.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA ? Raw SPA ?

This is a guide to Hurling with the goat-demons in the Adulterine Castle. It can be unlocked by following the storyline of the Disembarking Deviless at The Hurlers.

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What needs work: Missing Heptagoat Info

Placing a Bet[edit]

To begin a game of Hurling, you first have to place a bet on which goat-demon team will lose, which costs 15 x Hinterland Scrip. After the game, you'll be rewarded depending on whether your bet was correct or not:

Whichever goat circle wins also determines which Discordant Law can be enacted, regardless of which bet you made:

See here for the different effects of each law. You can place your bet in accordance with which Law you want, or if you just want your Hinterland Scrip back, you can bet the opposite way instead.

Goat vs Goat[edit]

Hurling is played through opportunity cards in the Adulterine Castle, which will increase or decrease your Goat vs Goat. Goat vs Goat starts at 100, and at the end it determines who wins:

  • < 100 means that the First Circle wins
  • > 100 means that the Second Circle wins
  • Exactly 100 means that the circles tie

You can tell which circle is winning by checking your Goat vs Goat quality, or by paying attention to the text description for Goat vs Goat changing after each play:

…is pulling ahead …is taking the lead
The First Circle… GvG > 100 GvG < 100
The Second Circle… GvG < 100 GvG > 100

If it says they're “about evenly matched”, then that means that Goat vs Goat is exactly 100.

Playing the Game[edit]

Your Hurlyburly quality starts at 9, and the game ends when it reaches 0. All cards reduce Hurlyburly by 4-6 CP unless indicated otherwise (with Attar of Roses and Time Doesn't Exist).

Most cards have a standard effect regardless of which circle you bet on. Other cards change based on which circle you bet on — success will help in favour of the outcome you predicted, and failure will go against the outcome you predicted. What this means for those cards is:

The table below shows the cards with different effects based on your bet. If a card has a standard effect, it says if you gain or lose Goat vs Goat. If it has a varying effect, it says if it changes Goat vs Goat in favour of or against the bet you made.

Card Option Challenge Success Failure
Souls for Bait
(Requires 25 x Soul)
Bait a trap for the First Circle +5 x GvG
-25 x Soul
Bait a trap for the Second Circle -5 x GvG
-25 x Soul
Cheers! Drink to the First Circle's victory Counting the First Circle 3 -6-9 x GvG
+1 x Magisterial Lager
+1 x Magisterial Lager
+1 CP Nightmares
+1 x Foul!
Drink to the Second Circle's victory Counting the Second Circle 3 +6-7 x GvG
+1 x Magisterial Lager
+1 x Magisterial Lager
+1 CP Nightmares
+1 x Foul!
Thunder in the Air Watch the storm break Counting the First Circle 2 -6-9 x GvG
+1 CP Stormy-Eyed
+3-4 x GvG
+1 x Foul!
Clash of the Ash Neglect to fan any flames Counting the Second Circle 2 +6-9 x GvG
+1 CP Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus
-3 x GvG
+1 x Foul!
Make Way! Cheer for the goat-demon Neathproofed 3 -6-9 x GvG +3-4 x GvG
+1 x Foul!
Uncooperative Push the goat-demon back into the game Neathproofed 3 +6-9 x GvG -4 x GvG
+1 x Foul!
Attar of Roses
(Requires 3 x Attar)
Don't scatter Attar across the field Luck (40%) Sets GvG to 100
-3 x Attar
-6-8 CP Hurlyburly
+4-6 x Well-Placed Pawn
-3 x Attar
-8 CP Hurlyburly
Time Doesn't Exist Allow the clock to run out Luck (70%) -6-8 CP Hurlyburly +1 CP Nightmares
The Goat's Gambit Make a perfectly illicit move A Player of Chess 9 6-9 x GvG in favour 3 x GvG against
+1 CP Wounds
+1 x Foul!
No Strategem Do nothing to interfere Steward of the Discordance 5 7-9 x GvG in favour 3-4 x GvG against
+1 x Foul!
Frozen Study the players on the field Luck (80%) 6-9 x GvG in favour +1 x Foul!
A Word of Advice
(Requires A Scholar of the Correspondence)
Advise the sliotar to help the (Number) Circle A Scholar of the Correspondence 18 7-9 x GvG in favour 3-4 x GvG against
+1 x Hand-picked Peppercaps
+1 x Foul!
Caprine Authority
(Requires Caprine Authority:)
Unleash your Overgoat (Requires 1 x Overgoat) 4 x GvG in favour
+2 CP Nightmares
Unleash your Übergoat (Requires 1 x Übergoat) (FATE) 4 x GvG in favour
Unleash your Heptagoat (Requires 1 x Heptagoat) (FATE)  ? x GvG in favour
+? CP Nightmares
+? CP Scandal
+? CP Wounds
777 x Primordial Shriek


Failing most challenges will accumulate Fouls!, meaning that the team you picked to lose is losing suspiciously well. When you reach 5 x Fouls!, a storylet will autofire that has a small chance of just reducing Hurlyburly and giving you 1 x Magisterial Lager, but will most likely also change Goat vs Goat against the outcome you bet on (losing Goat vs Goat if you bet on the First Circle to lose, and vice versa for the Second Circle). It will also reset your number of Fouls! back to zero.

Strategy: Tying the game[edit]

Because almost every card will change Goat vs Goat by a random amount, it can be difficult to tie the game to get Another Mouth. The card Attar of Roses is crucial because it automatically ties the game on a success, no matter the previous value of Goat vs Goat. You will need to go into the game with at least 3 x Attar to use it.

The card Time Doesn't Exist is also useful to try and run out the clock once you have the Goat vs Goat value you want (for tying the game or otherwise), since it has no effect on its value.

A similar effect is given when failing the Cheers card. The Souls for Bait card always give +/- 5 GvG, so it can also be useful if you happen to have 95 or 105 GvG.