Location-specific cards in London (Guide)

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These cards only appear in a certain area within London. You'll have to draw cards in their respective areas if you want them to appear.

Card Categories[edit]

For the sake of easy overview, the cards have been separated into the following categories:

Rare cards[edit]

Cards with rare frequency that typically are either extra valuable, get uncommon resources or lets you train your main attributes ( Watchful, Dangerous etc.) fast and efficiently. Several of these have purple borders to show that they're extra beneficial.

Rare companion cards[edit]

Subset of rare cards which typically require main attributes of at least around 25 and gives an option to gain a Salt Weasel, a Rubbery Euphonium or Haunted-looking Dog. Having either of these companions prevent you from drawing any rare companion card.

Story cards[edit]

This card is part of a story and typically gives you a story quality

Clandestine cards[edit]

Choosing an option on these cards will give you a favour and A Clandestine Rendezvous at Watchmaker's Hill, which will prevent you from drawing the cards again. The rendezvous can be used to gain a Connected Pet

Attribute cards[edit]

These cards are unlocked with some of your main attributes ( Watchful, Dangerous etc.) in certain levels and/or a specific level of Making your Name. Many of these have options related to Playing with Broken Toys

Other cards[edit]

Exchange cards allow you to exchange a large quantity of a resource for an equal value in another resource, in addition to a favour.

Item-dependent cards are cards that only appear if you have specific items, typically companions.

Cards that don't fit into any of these categories are marked as Other Cards.

List of Cards[edit]

Location Card name Card type Possible to remove from deck?
Bazaar Side-streets The Skin of the Bazaar Rare
Ladybones Road 1000 Nevercold Brass wanted! Will pay handsomely! Exchange
A flash of white Rare companion
Tea with the Vicar Story
Valuable Secrets Clandestine
Your Lodgings A commotion above! Rare
The Neath's Mysteries Other
The Urchin and the Monkey Item-dependent
Your Grubby Urchin is becoming troublesome Item-dependent
Mahogany Hall Various, see this page Story
Mrs Plenty's Carnival Ask Madame Shoshana to cast your horoscope Story
Varies depending on horoscope Story
Spite 2000 Foxfire Candles wanted! Will pay handsomely! Exchange
A Cold Night Story
A riot in Spite! Attribute
The mournful rubbery instrument Rare Companion
The Tomb-colonist and the Footpad Clandestine
The Flit A deviless' serenade Attribute
A night on the tiles Attribute
A squire of the Flit Attribute
The Kidsman recruits Attribute
A Theosophistical Discussion Story
The Shuttered Palace A gathering of gourmets Attribute
A Really Nice Haircut Rare / Attribute
A strange mirror Attribute
Below stairs Attribute
Miniature mausoleums Attribute
The Tree of Toys Attribute
The University A peculiar practice Attribute
Hold the front page Attribute
Map the new heavens Attribute
Stone by stone Attribute
The librarian and the stones Story
Veilgarden A Raggedy Creature Rare Companion
A scuffle on the street Clandestine
A Tipple with the Bohemian Sculptress Story
The Velocipede Squad races by Rare / Attribute
Watchmaker's Hill A tavern dust-up Clandestine
Deal with a drunk old soldier Attribute / (Story)
Stealth watch repair Attribute
The Clay Man Coalman Delivers Story
The Departed Other
Wilmot's End A Dream about a Missing Woman Story
Wolfstack Docks The battle hymn of the Drownies Rare / Attribute
The Bonfire of the Decencies Rare
Bones in the River Story
Wolfstack in the fog Other