F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition (Guide)

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F.F. Gebrandt CORDIALLY INVITES All Londoners to participate in the Raising of a New Museum of Prelapsarian History & accompanying Exhibition, to put on Display Curiosities Historical, Palaeontological, & Philosophical.

The Prelapsarian Exhibition was London's summer festival in 2022. It commenced on July 25th and completed on August 5th.

The Museum itself remained a place to visit after the story closed. It can be found in Veilgarden.

Event qualities[edit]

Currently active qualities[edit]

Curator's Gratitude is earned by helping F. F. Gebrandt build the museum and fill it with exhibits. It is exchangeable by speaking with Gebrandt.

Previously active qualities[edit]

Estival Tokens are the currency used to purchase event items (see below). All players receive 30 Tokens for free from the storylet Grease the wheels of bureaucracy, and additional Tokens may be purchased with Fate at a 1:1 exchange rate, or sent to other players at the same cost. **Unused Tokens will not disappear after the Exhibition and can be used at next year's summer event**.

Stage One Qualities
Option Notes Target Value
Museum Construction: Toil World Quality tracking labour contributed to the museum construction. 1,000,000
Museum Construction: Materials World Quality tracking materials contributed to the museum construction. 1,000,000
Museum Construction: Bureaucratic Facilitation World Quality tracking financial contributions to museum construction. Fully funded
Stage Two Qualities
Option Notes Target Value
Supplying Exhibits: Optics World Quality tracking Mirrorcatch Boxes of Neath-colours contributed to museum construction. 10,000,000
Supplying Exhibits: Archaeology World Quality tracking relics contributed to museum construction. 10,000,000
Supplying Exhibits: Osteology World Quality tracking bones contributed to museum construction. 10,000,000
Stage Three Qualities
Option Notes Target Value
Revelling... Tracks your participation in the celebrations of the museum's opening, and can be cashed in one time for a reward. 4


Museum Construction (Completed)[edit]

The initial collaborative activity of the event is the construction of the museum.

Building a Museum
Option Notes Contribution Gratitude
Perform backbreaking labour Toil scaling
Negotiate with rats Persuasive 80 challenge Toil scaling
Soothe recalcitrant investors Respectable 9 challenge Toil scaling
Deliver a load of sphinxstone Requires A Hold Full of Sphinxstone Materials 6250
Grease the wheels of bureaucracy Non-repeatable; gains 30 x Estival Tokens Bureaucratic 0
Grease the wheels of bureaucracy even more Fate-locked
Get the wheels of bureaucracy nice and lubricated Fate-locked
Drench the wheels of bureaucracy in machine oil Fate-locked
For the first three options, Curator's Gratitude gain scales with your base Attributes, with the labour option giving slightly less reward than the other two (with the trade-off that it has no challenge or cost). You can contribute sphinxstone (which requires a short Zail to the Salt Lions) once per day; the option becomes available again 23 hours after your last delivery.

Supplying Exhibits (Completed)[edit]

Phase two involves contributing items to the museum for exhibits. Three categories of items are called for: Osteological Exhibits (bones and skeletons), Optical Exhibits (filled Mirrorcatch Boxes), and Archaeological Exhibits (relics from past cities).

Osteological Exhibits
Option Cost Gratitude
Supply femurs of jurassic beasts 5 x Femur of a Jurassic Beast ~1800
Supply a Horned Skull Horned Skull ~1800
Supply a mammoth ribcage Mammoth Ribcage ~6250
Supply a sabre-toothed skull Sabre-toothed Skull ~6250
Supply a leviathan frame Leviathan Frame ~31250
Supply a complete skeleton Skeleton 110–212 with Antiquity 3 and no Amalgamy or Implausibility Value in Pennies + 1000
Optical Exhibits
Option Cost Gratitude
Supply a peligin-filled box Peligin-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~6800
Supply a violant-filled box Violant-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~6800
Supply an apocyan-filled box Apocyan-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~1800
Supply a viric-filled box Viric-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~6800
Supply a cosmogone-filled box Cosmogone-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~1800
Supply an Irrigo-filled box Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~31250
Supply a gant-filled box Gant-filled Mirrorcatch Box ~31250
Supply a full set of Neathbow boxes One of each of the above boxes 125000
Archaeological Exhibits
Option Cost Gratitude
Supply Relics of the Third City 125 x Relic of the Third City 2908-3286 for characters without access to Moulin, or 1658-2036 otherwise (depending on total stats)
Supply Relics of the Second City 83 x Relic of the Second City 2908-3286 for characters without access to Moulin, or 1658-2036 otherwise (depending on total stats)
Supply Relics of the Fourth City 250 x Relic of the Fourth City 2908-3286 for characters without access to Moulin, or 1658-2036 otherwise (depending on total stats)
Supply Rusted Stirrups 125 x Rusted Stirrup 2908-3286 for characters without access to Moulin, or 1658-2036 otherwise (depending on total stats)
Supply Nicatorean relics 25 x Nicatorean Relic ~6250

The Grand Opening[edit]

The completed museum is now open to the public, with an array of exhibitions to peruse, revelry to engage in, and—finally!—ways to cash out Curator's Gratitude.

Newly available storylets
Storylet Rewards available
Opening Revels (closed) Scraps of Incendiary Gossip, Romantic Notions, Bottles of Broken Giant 1844, and Wounds reduction, Lingering Contentment and removal of Nightmares.
Speak with Gebrandt, the Museum Curator Trade Curator's Gratitude for rewards.
The Inorganic Sciences Wing Peruse the physics and chemistry exhibits.
The Natural History Wing Browse the bones on display, or analyse some for yourself.
The Archaeology Wing Also known as the Egyptology Wing.

The following table lists equippable items obtainable during the Grand Opening (some of which may also be obtainable afterward):

Grand Opening Equipment
Item Action Cost Item Slot Stats Ancillary Use
Lingering Contentment Breathe a sigh of contentment Hat (Mood)
A Bronze Plaque Dedicated to Your Good Self Discuss the endowment of an exhibit x 20000  Affiliation
F.F. Gebrandt's Patent Illuminating Cap Ask Gebrandt if she has any of her patent Illuminating Caps left x 50000  Hat
F.F. Gebrandt's Patent Neathoscope, Containing and Displaying All Seven Colours of Exotic Light Commission the manufacture of a kaleidoscopic device of your own x 10000 plus a complete set of Neathbow-filled Mirrorcatch Boxes Home Comfort

An Investigation (Completed)[edit]

The fourth stage of the event begins with the storylet A Royal Visitor.

After playing through this storylet, you will have the opportunity to decide whether to purchase a ushabti. You can participate in the investigation without one, but some content will only be available with the ushabti.

Once the game is afoot, you can check the Developments in an Ongoing Investigation storylet to find out what's been uncovered so far. Putting the Pieces Together (Prelapsarian Crisis) contains some background about the ubshati. Have some of that coffee to obtain another one-week Mood Hat, Lingering Excitation, with a +20 bonus to Watchful and Dangerous.

Note: All 18 clues have been found. You can go looking for them on your own, without hints, if you like. For a list of the clue locations, Examine what has been uncovered. Find at least 3 clues for a unique reward and 10 for an achievement quality.


The following are all the unique items obtainable from either Mssr. M_____'s Marvellous Estate Sale or F.F. Gebrandt's Hall of Recent History.

Italic items are Shared Best in Slot, Bold items are Strict Best in Slot.

Gameplay Rewards[edit]

These items can be earned by participating in the event.

Event Rewards
Item Action Requirements Item Slot Stats
A Bronze Plaque Dedicated to Your Good Self Discuss the endowment of an exhibit 20000 x Curator's Gratitude Affiliation
An Initiate into the Perfumer's Arts Discuss Gebrandt's methods Taking any option under The Perfumer's Labours Affiliation
Your Name in F.F. Gebrandt's Address Book Discuss the fate of the Ushabtiu 3 x Clues Turned In Affiliation
A Stalking Stone Shadow Beyond the Glass Make an alteration to the vessel, and its purpose Purchase an ushabti
(Other requirements can be fulfilled after the event)

Mssr. M_____'s Marvellous Estate Sale[edit]

These items were introduced during this event for purchase with Estival Tokens.

New items
Item Action Cost Item Slot Stats Ancillary Use
Verdant Hairpin A sharp and floral hairpin 20 Weapon
A Rack of Carefully-Individuated Deaths A collection of dusty vials 20 Weapon
A Hungry Little Snuffbox An ornate silver snuffbox 30 Weapon
Overwrought Bathtub An over-engineered tub 30 Home Comfort
A Patron of the Pliable Arts An eye-catching invitation 50 Affiliation

F. F. Gebrandt's Hall of Recent History[edit]

These items were previously obtainable during other summer events, and also be purchased for Estival Tokens.

Returning items
Item Action Cost Item Slot Stats Ancillary Use
Strangling Willow Ring A ring of mahogany brass 20 Gloves
Polythremean Peacoat The navy blue peacoat 20 Clothing
Honey-Stained Shackles The crimson-stained shackles 30 Boots
Elevating Silk Slippers The brilliant silk slippers 30 Boots
Genuine Rubbery Lumps Mrs Plenty's Genuine Rubbery Lumps 20 Gloves
Devilbone Talons The Devil's Own Fingers 20 Gloves
The Neathy Tarot, Featuring all 77 of the Major Arcana A Concealable Deck of Tarot Cards 20 Gloves Lab upgrade option (non-repeatable)
Corinthian Belfry Hat A Corinthian Belfry Hat (20 Estival Tokens) 20 Hat
Indignant Bearskin An Indignant Bearskin (20 Estival Tokens) 20 Hat Acquainted with Sophia's (non-repeatable)
Epicurean War-Helm An Epicurean War-Helm (20 Estival Tokens) 20 Hat
A Bottle of Angry Bees The Princess' Bees 20 Weapon
Mr Slowcake's Caducean Rose Mr Slowcake's Caducean Rose (20 Estival Tokens) 20 Weapon Shortcut on some Parabolan searches
The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern (20 Estival Tokens) 20 Weapon Watchtower at Ealing Gardens (non-repeatable)
Velvet Cloak with Burning Buttons A luxuriously thick, green Cloak (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Clothing
Fourth City Eyeball A Fourth City Eyeball, made by the Motherlings (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Hat
Highly-Accurate Gargoyle A Highly-Accurate Gargoyle (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Home Comfort
Cloud-filled Sphere A Cloud-filled Sphere (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Home Comfort Inspire the Bohemian Sculptress
'Lucky' Claw A Lucky Claw (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Gloves Efficient Commissioner's Nightmare (also repeatable)
Augmented Electrostatic Machine An Augmented Electrostatic Machine (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Transport Turning Hedonism into Parabolan Orange-Apples
A Traitor's Carriage A Traitor's Carriage (30 Estival Tokens) 30 Transport
Horseless, Driverless, Remorseless Carriage The intricate carriage at the centre of the pavillion 50 Transport
A Gazebo! A Gazebo! (40 Estival Tokens) 40 Home Comfort Set up your own Bear Show
A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering (40 Estival Tokens) 40 Weapon
Voting Booth of One's Own A Voting Booth of Your Very Own (50 Estival Tokens) 50 Home Comfort
A Mutton Island Account A Mutton Island Account (50 Estival Tokens) 50 Weapon Reduce Corporate Debt