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This page is only for Tier 7 and Tier 8 items that can't be bought at the Bazaar. Some can be bought with Certifiable Scraps, while others are converted from lower tier items. All of them require time and effort.

What are Tier 7/8 Items, exactly?[edit]

As discussed in the main item guide, most goods in the Fallen London economy fall within clearly-defined value "tiers." Items in each tier are typically worth about 5x as much as items a tier below.

T7 (E 312.5) and T8 (E 1562.5) are the two highest tiers, and items in these tiers are (generally) much harder to acquire than lower-valued items. Many T7 and T8 items don't have any actual uses in the in-game economy except as part of major, one-off storylines such as Ambitions. They mainly exist as prestige items for players to acquire as trophies.

What counts as a Tier 7/8 item?[edit]

This table below lists all Tier 7 and Tier 8 items that can't be bought at the Bazaar. Most T7/T8 items can be sold directly to the Bazaar for echoes. A few items (e.g. Corresponding Sounder) can't be sold but are valued as T7/T8 through other parts of the Fallen London economy.

OK, I want a Tier 7/8 item. How do I get one?[edit]

Some are harder than others. There are a few one-time opportunities for players to get a Tier 7 or Tier 8 item as a reward for completing major stories such as the Cave of the Nadir. Aside from those, there are repeatable sources for most T7/T8 items. There are a few noteworthy activities that are sources for multiple T7/T8 items; those are listed in table below. Those include:

  • Collecting Certifiable Scraps. One of the oldest sources for rare goods, trading scraps to the Relickers is a slow but reliable way for obtaining the T7/T8 Infernal, Rag-Trade, Rumour and Wild Words items.
  • University Laboratory. Players with access to the lab can acquire one T8 item, the Impossible Theorem, along with four T7 items by completing lab experiments.
  • Cover Identities. Players with access to Balmoral can acquire many T7 and T8 items by developing elaborate Cover Identities in the Cabinet Noir and selling or using them for grand larcenies.
  • Parabolan War. Players can aquire one of five T7 items as a reward for completing any of the main (5-stage) campaigns in the Parabolan War. This is currently the only source for obtaining a Waswood Almanac.
  • Hearts Game. Players can exchange exploits for several T7 items. Refer to Hearts' Game (Guide) for more information.
  • Rat Market. Players have a 1-in-16 chance on any given week of being able to purchase one of nine T7 items or one T8 item at the Rat Market, depending on the phases of the Rat-Wind and Rat-Moon.

Table of Tier 7/8 Items and Sources[edit]

Price Tier Item Category Source
Certifiable Scraps University Lab Cover Identity Parabolan War Hearts Game Rat Market
E 1560.00 8 Breath of the Void Wild Words Yes
E 1560.00 8 Fluke-Core Rubbery See note[1]
E 1562.60 8 Impossible Theorem Mysteries Yes
E[2] 8 Powder of Renewal Curiosity
E 1560.00 8 Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell Infernal Yes Yes Yes
E 1560.00 8 Rumourmonger's Network Rumour Yes Yes
x 625[3] 8 A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book Contraband
E 1562.5 8 A Seat at the Board Great Game
x 25[4] 8 Secret College Academic
E 1562.50 8 A Tasting Flight of Targeted Toxins Nostalgia
E 1560.00 8 Veils-Velvet Scrap Rag Trade Yes
E 1562.60 8 Vial of Masters' Blood Wines See note[1]
E 312.50 7 Coruscating Soul Infernal Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Starstone Demark Wild Words Yes Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Vial of Tears of the Bazaar Wines Yes
E 312.50 7 Dreadful Surmise Mysteries Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Intriguer's Compendium Rumour Yes Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Scrap of Ivory Organza Rag Trade Yes Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Cartographer's Hoard Cartography Yes
E 312.50 7 Nodule of Fecund Amber Rubbery Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Ray-Drenched Cinder Luminosity Yes Yes Yes[5]
E 312.50 7 Elemental Secret Elder Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Edicts of the First City Legal Yes Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Legenda Cosmogone Theological Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Fabulous Diamond Contraband Yes Yes
E 312.50 7 Parabolan Parable Cartography Yes
E[6] 7 Corresponding Sounder Great Game See note[7]
E 312.50 7 Waswood Almanac Cartography Yes
E[8] 7 Five-Pointed Ribcage FATE[9] Osteology
E[8] 7 Leviathan Frame Osteology Yes
E[8] 7 Prismatic Frame Osteology Yes
E[8] 7 Ribcage with a Bouquet of Eight Spines Osteology
E[10] 7 Concentrate of Self Curiosity Yes
  1. 1.0 1.1 Not sold directly, but made significantly easier to obtain through the Rat Market; players can purchase the Fecund Amber needed to obtain Fluke Cores by upconverting through the Cave of the Nadir. Similarly, Tears of the Bazaar can be bought and upconverted to Vial of Masters' Blood through A Presumptuous Little Opportunity
  2. Cannot be sold directly to the Bazaar, but can be exchanged for a Secret College
  3. >Equivalent to E 1562.50 (625 x E 2.50)
  4. Equivalent to E 1562.50 (25 x E 62.50)
  5. Sold directly, but can also be obtained straightforwardly by purchasing and upconverting Eyeless Skulls.
  6. Cannot be sold directly to the Bazaar, but like other T7 items can be sold to the The Rat Market for 4000 x Rat-Shillings.
  7. Cover Identities are not a source of Corresponding Sounders in themselves; however, a cover identity is required for the player to obtain access to The Khanate, where Corresponding Sounders are obtained.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 Cannot be sold directly to the Bazaar, but valued at E 312.50 through the Bone Market
  9. Currently only obtainable through the fate-locked Upwards (Story).
  10. Cannot be sold directly to the Bazaar, but valued at E 312.50 through the Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII