Corresponding Sounder

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Category: Great Game
0.50 Final Breath
0.50 Moves in the Great Game
12.50 Vital Intelligence
37.50 Copper Cipher Ring
5 Vienna Opening
50 Epaulette Mate
50 Queen Mate
125 Stalemate
125 Much-Needed Gap
- Corresponding Sounder
- Buttered Chess-Piece
- Well-Placed Pawn

One end of a telegraph circuit. There's no connection for a wire. But every so often it will chatter out a message on its own.

These can be found in the Khanate, through certain difficult machinations.

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It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

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Your Corresponding Sounder

The device is one half of a telegraph circuit – without wires. Sometimes it rattles out a message, spelling encoded secrets from distant shores.



Sell the Sounder to spies


Crack open the Sounder and capture its operating principle