Incarnadine Fur Robe

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Red as a fresh wound. Don't put it on until you're quite certain you're ready. Use it to play the role of Mr Sacks, at any time of the year, and claim something exceptional.

This item is only available by spending FATE.

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Having the Robe will allow you to exchange it for one of the following items. These are all Home Comforts unless otherwise specified. Once the Robe is gone, you can buy it again if you'd like to acquire additional items.

Master Gift Second gift
(only if you already have the first one)
Iron Terrifying Weathercock The Iron Correspondents[1]
Wines Extraordinary Drinks Cabinet Beggar's Crown
Pages White Glim Telescope A Maudlin Gift from the Heavens
Apples Mostly Stuffed Bound Shark Amaranthine Coil, Sealed in a Jar
Stones Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight Winking Gemstone Ring[2]
Spices Luxury's Lap Weasel-Infested Velocipede[3]
Mirrors A Brass-Framed Dark Mirror Mr Mirrors' Most Heartfelt Reflection
Hearts A Semi-Autonomous Scrutinising Machine The Butcher's Friend
Fires Probably a Coincidence
Veils Thoroughly Cowed Pony[3]
Cups The Khan's Tea Set
Chimes A Replica of the House of Chimes, Awash with Snow
Sacks You're Not Quite Sure What
Eaten A Complete Set of Preserved Internal Organs