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Object of a Khaganian IntrigueTitle
Cablegram InterceptionScheme to Intercept a Cablegram
Tapping a Telegraph StationPlan to Establish a Listening Post
Fabricating BlackmailBlackmail Fabrication
Infiltrating an agent for the WidowScheme to Plant an Agent for the Widow
Infiltrating a Foreign Office AgentScheme to Plant a Foreign Office Agent
Infiltrating a Revolutionary AgentScheme to Plant a Revolutionary Agent
Planting your own Agent in LondonScheme to Plant your Agent in London
Planting a MirrorScheme to Place a Mirror
Sabotaging a Power PlantScheme to Place a Device
Stealing a DeviceScheme to Steal a Cipher
Recruiting a new AgentRecruitment
Infiltrating the Wolf Khan's CourtInfiltration of the Wolf Khan's Court
Infiltrating the Tortoise Khan's CourtInfiltration of the Tortoise Khan's Court
Infiltrating the Eagle Khan's CourtInfiltration of the Eagle Khan's Court
Infiltrating the Khagan's CourtInfiltration of the Khagan's Court
Pursuing an OpportunityPlot
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Are all the pieces in place? Is it time to complete your scheme?

Unlocked with Object of a Khaganian Intrigue

Wiki note: This page describes the various ends of a Khaganian intrigue. For the requirements to begin an intrigue check Begin an intrigue.

Storylet appears in Khan's Heart


Abandon this plot

The network workings

Collect your intercepted cablegrams
Tap the underzee cable

Espionage for fun and profit

Assemble your manufactured blackmail
Plant an unsecured mirror
Khansglory port.png
Walk into the Office of Naval Affairs
Sabotage a power plant

London's Agents

Conclude the infiltration (Attentive Chambermaid)
Conclude the infiltration (Wayward Navigator)
Conclude the infiltration (Bright-Eyed Engineer)

Advancing your position

Secure your agent's position
Recruit an informant within the Wolf clan
Recruit an informant within the Tortoise clan
Recruit an informant within the Eagle clan
Infiltrate the Khagan's Court

Reptilian Intrigues