Venderbight (Guide)

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Shipsmall.png Early Zailing Content

At Ambition: Nemesis 11-14 your adventures take you to The tomb-colony of Venderbight. Here you will mostly play cards to progress.

Some notes: You can always spend your actions on A woman of sinister repute, instead of playing cards if you're satisfied with gaining 1 CP progress.

Usually it's worth relying on the Dangerous and Watchful challenges, but there are also some cards that cost an amount of items - some reasonable and some unreasonable. Recommended things to bring:

Note that the tomb-colony locks your outfit, so you can't change clothes or equipment while there. It might be a good idea to combine your best Watchful equipment with your best Dangerous equipment. Also remember you can always take the ship back if you need to, however that may cost extra supplies.

At Ambition: Nemesis 15, only Far from home can be drawn.

For progress after Ambition: Nemesis 15, it's suggested to bring:

A summary of cards available at Ambition: Nemesis 11-14
Image Card Appears at Option Req. Challenge Success Failure
Wellsmall.png 'Permanent Surgeon?' 11-14 Listen carefully 79 +2 CP  +1 CP 
Pawnsmall.png A Game of Chess - Venderbight 12-13 Go over when he beckons? 77 +4 CP  +1 CP 
Bottleblacksmall.png A glass of oblivion 11-14 Carouse with the dead 80 ( +2 CP , +1 CP ) or ( +5 CP , +1 CP , +1x ) +1 CP , +1 CP 
Bandagedmansmall.png A limping fellow 11-13 Give him his weasels 3x  +2 CP , -3x 
Tombcolonistsmall.png A pugilistic interlude 11-14 Fight for secrets 85 +3 CP , +1 CP  +2 CP , +2 CP 
Batsmall.png An aerial hazard 11-14 Snatch a bat out of the air! 77 +30  or +4 CP  +1 CP 
Tombcolonistsmall.png An illuminate frenzy exactly 13 Give her the light she craves 100x  +3 CP , -100x 
Bandagedmansmall.png An improbable fashion 11-13 Bring him Ridiculous Hats 5x  +3 CP , -5x 
Bring him an Exceptional Hat 1x  +25 CP , -1x , +10x , +500x 
Dicesmall.png Dicing with the dead 11-13 Join them 100x  40% +3 CP  -100x 
Honeysmall.png Honey for the dead 11-14 Here: taste, and dream. 200x  +3 CP , -200x 
A more traditional solution 300x  +3 CP , -300x 
Beefacesmall.png Honey Tales 12-14 Listen 2 78 +3 CP  +1 CP 
Cratesmall.png Marble? 11-12, Learn about the destination of the crates 100x  +2 CP , -100x 
Violinsmall.png Not quite silence 11-14 Listen +1 CP , +1 CP 
Pass on +2 CP 
Tombcolonistribbonssmall.png The society pages? 11-14, Assist them – in exchange for information 1x  +3 CP , -1x