A Person of Some Importance (Guide)

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Your influence is felt across London and beyond. Are you destined for greatness?


A Person of Some Importance (PoSI) is a measure of your importance in London. It has the following levels:

Higher tiers unlock new and exciting professions, locations, equipment, and much more.

A Person of Some Little Consequence[edit]


Meeting the Ambitious Barrister[edit]

To begin becoming a A Person of Some Importance, at least one of your Main Attributes needs to be higher than 100. However, the game checks your modified level, so boosts from equipment do count. As soon as you've reached 100 in one Attribute, a new card can start appearing.

Attribute Card
Persuasive 100 A possible coincidence
Dangerous 100 A curious coincidence
Watchful 100 Almost certainly not a coincidence
Shadowy 100 Probably not a coincidence

This card will give you a new quality A Person of Some Little Consequence.

You will be redirected to Your Lodgings and introduced to the Ambitious Barrister, who believes you have what it takes to become a PoSI. After a nice cup of tea (probably fungal, but it tastes delicious), she will take you for a walk around London.

Are you well known?[edit]

You will need to visit 4 key locations around London and prove you're known there. These locations are, in order:

Location Attribute Storylet
Watchmaker's Hill Dangerous A Stroll around the Hill
Veilgarden Persuasive A wander through Veilgarden
Spite Shadowy A tour of Spite
Ladybones Road Watchful A walk down Ladybones Road

To proceed with each storylet, you must have a level of at least 100 in the associated Attribute. As before, this check takes equipment modifiers into account.

Are you ready?[edit]

Once you've proven your reputation across London, four new cards can appear, each of them evaluating your readiness for PoSI status in a different way. You can play any one of these cards, choosing any of the options they offer, to advance. There is also an option on some of the cards to spend Fate to bypass the requirements.

A matter of the wardrobe

A respectable address

A little hideaway

Friends and acquaintances

After you've proven your worth, you need to return to Your Lodgings.

Sufficient Importance[edit]

While you've proven that you have power, the Ambitious Barrister still questions what you've done yourself. For evidence of your accomplishments, you'll need to satisfy one of these sets of requirements:

Having proven one last time that you're indeed important, she gives you a Shaper's Pass which allows you to enter the Bazaar Side-streets.

A Morning for Business[edit]

Once you have time in your (no doubt) busy schedule to visit the side-streets, she gives you some explanation about what it means to be a PoSI and helps you acquire a Velocipede. This requires 1 x Bazaar Permit and 1 x Strong-Backed Labour, which you can get in the Bazaar Side-streets if you don't have them already.

Once you've acquired this transport, a new storylet will appear called Are we Done? Clicking Wait – one moment – reruns the tutorial. However, the option you want is You understand; this will remove A Person of Some Little Consequence and give you A Person of Some Importance.

A Person of Some Importance[edit]


You're A Person of Some Importance now, but what does that actually mean? Well, the short answer is: a lot. The long answer is...

Unfinished Business[edit]

Reaching PoSI status will unlock a new storylet in all locations you visited with the Ambitious Barrister. These storylets are:

All of these have options which require multiple Actions and will give you large amounts of raw resources.


Expanded Inventory[edit]

As a PoSI, you now have additional inventory slots: Affiliation, Transport, Home Comfort, Ship, Spouse, and Club. Many of the items for these slots can be obtained through gold-bordered cards and storylets in the Bazaar Side-streets.

For more information on what these items do and how to obtain them, consult the PoSI Item Crafting guide.


One of the most important PoSI items you can acquire is a Ship. This allows you to zail the Unterzee and reach locations outside of London, such as Polythreme, the Iron Republic, and Port Carnelian. There are also occasionally events in which Londoners take to zee for hunting expeditions.

You have a choice of different types of ship, which each have their own advantages (and requirements). Consult the relevant portion of the Zailing guide for advice on choosing a ship, and the PoSI Item Crafting guide for a rundown of what you'll need.

Advanced Professions[edit]

You now have the means to advance beyond Tier 1 Professions, giving you access to better profession-exclusive equipment and better rewards. This is done via the card An Unsigned Message, which can now appear in your deck, and costs Notability.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Campaigner Mystic Silverer
Enforcer Murderer Licentiate
Journalist Author Correspondent
Rat-Catcher Stalker Monster-Hunter
Trickster Conjurer Crooked-Cross
Watcher Agent Midnighter


While A Person of Some Importance measures if you are someone important in Fallen London, Notability measures just how important. Basically, how big is your Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals?

The two primary uses for Notability are to unlock advanced Professions and to become a Tier 2 PoSI.

Raising Notability[edit]

Notability is advanced by spending Making Waves on the card A visit from Slowcake's Amanuensis. The amount of Making Waves you need increases with each level of Notability, but can be reduced with higher levels of the qualities Bizarre, Dreaded and Respectable, or BDR (see Guide). The formula for the cost to raise your Notability is: [20 - (B+D+R) + 4 * N].

Making Waves is the impression you have made upon London. Impressions are fleeting, however, and Time, the Healer will halve it every week. See Making Waves (Guide) for information on how to raise Making Waves.

Spending or Losing Notability[edit]

There are several ways to lose Notability:

Notability can also be spent intentionally in certain advanced transactions.

Tier 2 Person of Importance[edit]

Once you have a level of 200 (unmodified) in one of your Main Attributes ( Persuasive, Watchful, Dangerous, or Shadowy), you can become a Tier 2 Person of Some Importance. There are 4 different types of Tier 2 PoSI, depending on the Attribute in which you have a level of 200. Advancement to this level of importance happens in the starting location associated with that Attribute, and requires a specific piece of equipment and Notability.

Attribute Quality Item Area
Watchful An Extraordinary Mind Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets Ladybones Road
Shadowy An Invisible Eminence Tub of Gloam-Foam Spite
Dangerous A Shattering Force Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle Watchmaker's Hill
Persuasive A Legendary Charisma Parabola-Linen Frock or Parabola-Linen Suit Veilgarden

Once you're a Tier 2 PoSI, you'll still be able to do everything you already could, with the addition of three new things:

  • Giving Masterclasses: You are now capable of giving a Masterclass in your specialized Attribute to a player who has less than 100 in that Attribute. This will give them a large boost in that Attribute and grant you some Making Waves.
  • Working towards the London's Innards qualities that unlock the ultimate achievement, Paramount Presence. When you're ready to pursue this, see Paramount Presence (Guide).