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Professional Activities allow players with Top-Tier Professions more gameplay opportunities to explore their chosen identity by taking additional work-for-hire. The content is unique to each profession, but with shared mechanics and rewards. Activities are found in Your Activities (Lodgings sub-area).

They were officially announced on April 28, 2022, and the first such activity (The Business of a Silverer for Silverers) was released on May 26. Update for the remaining Tier 3 Professions are expected roughly monthly. If this schedule holds, all T3 Professions should be activated by the end of October.


As of this writing, only The Business of a Silverer has been released. As the saying goes, there are two types of people in this world: those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

Activities are found in Storylets in Your Activities. The main structure is playing Airs-dependent actions to build up a Reward quality, which may be spent in Payment for Services Rendered on a variety of items. All Professions share the same reward Storylet.

Working the Activities will also allow you to progress a short storyline, and eventually choose a Specialisation for your Profession. Thus far, the only effect of Specialisation seems to be unlocking additional Activity actions. Specialisation can be reset by changing Professions.

Tracking Qualities[edit]

Airs of Industry
Determines what jobs are available. This section of the game has its own Airs quality, so you have to take a job to cycle the options.
Approximate Value of Outstanding Invoices in Pennies
The Reward quality gained by Activities, which is spend in Payment for Services Rendered.
Services Rendered: Bohemians, Tomb-Colonists, The Great Game, The Honey-Addled Detective, and Hell
Some items may be selected as rewards only if you have taken jobs from a particular faction. These do not factor into the value of the rewards, only the form. Different (partially overlapping) sets of clients will be available to different professions, per Bruno on the FBG Discord.
A Professional Specialisation:
The closest thing we have to Tier 4 Professions.
Extensive Professional Experience, Attracting the Attention of a Mysterious Client
Story trackers for gaining a Specialisation.
Mysterious Client Attention Odds
The RNG has been fitted with a muzzle to prevent it from getting too far out of hand.


The Activities consist of a bunch of jobs-for-hire, with availability depending on the Airs of Industry. Each is a single action. Some of the more difficult actions are gated by player progress, and a few are gated by A Professional Specialisation:.

Each Tier 3 Profession is associated with two Primary Stats and one Advanced Skill, as demonstrated on their Professional Item. Each Professional Activity task has a Broad Challenge against one of the two Primary Stats for that Profession, and a Narrow Challenge against the Advanced Skill. More difficult activities have higher rewards.

Easy Activities
The most accessible tasks have the following in common:
  • Challenge difficulties of 90 Broad & 1 Narrow (100% success requires stat levels of 150 / 5)
  • No other requirements to play
  • Grants 320 x Invoice Value on success, 200 on failure
  • At least one such option is available at every Airs of Industry value
Hard Activities
The next step in in activities have the following in common:
  • Challenge difficulties of either 180 Broad & 5 Narrow OR 140 Broad & 11 Narrow (100% success requires 300 / 9 or 235 / 15).
  • Grants 410 x Invoice Value on success, 200 on failure.
  • Gated on either game progress, or A Professional Specialisation:.
  • While game progress requirements range from early-midgame (Notability) to the very-late endgame ( Marigold Station), the options themselves are not more difficult or rewarding. Rather, advanced game progress merely seems to expand the range of Airs values where these options are available.
  • It's unclear to what extent this generalizes, but a Silverer may have such options available for up to 90% of possible Airs values.
Extreme Activities
These most challenging and rewarding activities have the following in common:
  • Challenge difficulties of 200 Broad & 15 narrow (100% success requires 330 / 19, which is likely impossible).
  • Grants 450 x Invoice Value on success, 200 on failure.
  • Always gated on A Professional Specialisation:.
  • A character may only have one such option avaiable, which covers half the range of Airs values.


Action Value Extra Requirements Available to which professions? Reward
In Rostygold Up to 500 N/A All Up to 500 Rostygold
In mysteries 1600 Silverer - Ontological Cartographer
In wine 1600 Silverer
In souls 1600 Silverer
In intelligence 1600 Silverer - Oneirotect
In silks 1600 Silverer
In steel 1250 N/A All 25 x Bessemer Steel Ingot
In bones 3100 N/A All
In food 2750 N/A All
  1. Bones: One of the following:


Only one of them has anything now, but we'll fill this up.

Profession Challenges Factions
  1. Oneirotect only
  2. Ontological Cartographer only


Airs Requirements Action Challenges Value Extra Rewards
1-30 Notability 5 Officiate a Wedding
  • 180
  • 5
1-40 Guide a gaggle of Bohemians through Parabola
  • 90
  • 1
320 Bohemians
1-50 Cartographer Uncover a dark secret
  • 200
  • 13
1-50 Oneirotect Engineer a fortification
  • 200
  • 13
10-40 Cartographer Chart the edge of the Is-Not
  • 140
  • 11
410 Detective
30-70 Extricate a half-lost memory
  • 90
  • 1
320 Tomb-Colonists
40-60 Discovered: tSoS Lead an expedition to the Sea of Spines
  • 180
  • 5
50-70 Marigold flower Recover an infernal artifact
  • 140
  • 11
410 Hell
60-100 Lance a persistent anxiety
  • 90
  • 1
70-100 Oneirotect Repair a Memory Palace
  • 180
  • 5
410 The Great Game
80-100 Notability 5 Destroy an errant nightmare
  • 140
  • 11

The table below summarizes the options available at different Airs ranges. Options are color-coded by whether they are easy, medium, or difficult (still haven't written the explanation of this). Options are annotated by either Services Rendered they grant, or game progress they require.

Warning! This article/section sets colors manually, instead of using the appropriate CSS classes. As a result, the colors may be hard on the eyes, particularly in dark mode.

Airs 1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 - 60 61 - 70 71 - 80 81 - 90 91 - 100
Universal Options Bohemians Railway n/a
Notability Tomb-Colonists Notability
n/a n/a
Oneirotect n/a The Great Game
Oneiric Cartographer n/a
n/a The Honey-Addled Detective n/a

Actions available to the Oneirotect specialisation cover a range of 80 Airs values, while the Oneiric Cartographer actions overlap and so are only available for 50 Airs values. Additionally, Services Rendered: The Great Game seems more useful than Services Rendered: The Honey-Addled Detective for a late-game player capable of passing the relevant stat checks. The former pays in items that can all be sold for Hinterland Scrip in the Upper River Exchange. The only uniquely desirable item for the latter is a single Justificande Coin.