Embattled with the (Parabolan Quarry)

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Description summary:
The title and description vary with the quarry you're tracking. The the in the title is absent for Mr Veils' aspects.

Parabolan QuarryDescription
Seven-Throated WarblerThe Seven-Throated Warbler greets you […] and […] compliments you on the weather. "Because it's to your credit," it says, "getting such a sunny climate in a dream is not easy." But it's eying you and every one of its beaks is made of razor steel.
Focused AlbatrossThe Albatross opens its beak very wide, like it's working up to trying to swallow you whole. And where would you go? Into its non-existent belly?
Storm-birdIts eyes are pits of darkness. It is drawn to fear, curious, not always able to read what it means.
Honey-Mazed BearIt looks at you like you're another pot of honey.
Carnivorous AurochsIts eyes are rimmed red. Is it angry with you? Has it forgotten who you are? Or has Parabola wakened some unspeakable sorrow?
Iron-Toothed Terror BirdIt is snapping its beak at you. It may have forgotten that you raised it from an egg.
Pinewood SharkIt is circling you, grinning with all of its teeth. You have at least distracted it from its original quarry.
Ushabti-VesselThe feral ushabtiu vibrates with barely-contained hatred. Its stony expression reveals nothing else – is it even capable of fear?
Curator Mr VeilsIt sees you. It simply doesn't take a great deal of interest. You, at your size, don't pose much threat. The Curator has not had much conversation with humans.
Surface Mr VeilsVeils has a treaty to negotiate; you are not part of these plans. It has so far been taking more of an interest in the diplomats around you.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Strike down the (Parabolan Quarry) here in (Quarry Home)

Storylet appears in Parabolan Base-Camp


Capture the Seven-Throated Warbler
Capture the Focused Albatross
Capture the Storm-bird
Capture the Honey-Mazed Bear
Auroch carnivorous.png
Recapture the Carnivorous Aurochs
Terrorbird irontoothed.png
Recapture the Iron-Toothed Terror Bird
Kill the Pinewood Shark
Destroy the Ushabti-Vessel
Make an alteration to the vessel, and its purpose
Make an alteration to the vessel, and its purpose (A Memory of the Affair of the Ushabti)
Ambush the (Parabolan Quarry) at close range
Give up and flee the (Parabolan Quarry)

Ambition: Bag a Legend!

Curator Mr Veils

Observe the Day of the Hunt
Observe the Day of the Feast
Observe the Day of Council
Observe the Day of Bargain
Bargain for the Curator to return with you
Observe the Day of Slaughter

Surface Mr Veils

Attack Surface Veils here
Pin down Surface Veils
Outflank Surface Veils
Capture Veils the Intriguer