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This page explains how gameplay is modeled by Semantic MediaWiki properties on the Wiki. Some of these properties are in active use by the Wiki, while others are planned or in the progress of deployment. This page should get a general idea of what's currently possible, or will be possible in the near-ish future.

This list covers the major properties, but is not exhaustive. There are a number of minor properties with niche uses.

General Properties[edit]

These properties can apply to almost any type of article page.

Property:Has icon
Points to the image file for the icon. Actively used for {{IL}} and {{I}}.
Records the ID of the item. Widely deployed.
Property:Has Game Type
Denotes what type of game object the page is for, e.g. "Quality" or "Social Action." The list of available actions is available at Smw allows list Has Game Type.
Property:Is retired
Property:Is guide for
Used by Guides to describe the content they cover. Used by many templates to automatically add guide links with {{HasGuide}}.

Display Properties[edit]

These properties contain formatted wikitext intended for direct display on the Wiki. They generally aggregate data from several other properties or pages, making the display of such data simpler and more efficient. They can be thought of as "cached" query results.

Property:Has restrictions
A list of "tags" that denote restrictions on an action or quality, e.g. "FATE HALLOWMAS."
Property:From message
A description of where to find the game asset in question, e.g. "a Storylet in Spite" or "an Action from A commotion above!, a Card in Your Lodgings." Combines data from Has Game Type and From Card/Storylet.

Items and Qualities[edit]

Property:Has cap
Qualities (or items) with a hard cap. In active use by {{Gain}} to annotate gain messages.


These properties are in active use by {{Item}} to display best-in-slot annotations, and by {{ItemList}} to generate item listings such as those at Hats.

Property:Equips in slot
Points to the slot that an item goes into.
Property:Has effect (Modifies quality, Modifies by)
Records the stat modifications afforded by an item.


These properties are used in reference to buying/selling items.

Property:Shop and Property:Market
Helper properties used in more complex records. A market is a collection of shops in Bazaar tab, for example the Upper River Exchange.
Property:Is in market
Connects a shop to the Market it is in (e.g. MERCURY to The Echo Bazaar!).
Property:Has market
Connects a location to the "market" that can be accessed from the area, for example Ealing Gardens to the Upper River Exchange.
Property:Bought for (for Price many of a Currency from a Shop)
Stores price and shop from which an item can be bought.
Property:Sells for (for Price many of a Currency to a Market)
Stores price and market where an item may be sold. (We model an item being able to be sold to "any shop" at a market, so it makes sense to conceptually sell it to a market).

Bone Market[edit]

Properties in
Store by how much skeleton stats are increased if bones are used in a skeleton.

World Qualities[edit]

Property:Has current value
Automatically updated to match in current in-game value of a given World Quality. In use on a handful of pages, most extensively at The Rat Market (Guide).
Property:Has current description
A player-provided annotation for the Current Value of a World Quality, often a link pointing to a relevant item or action.


Finding Actions, Cards, and Storylets[edit]

Property:From Card/Storylet
Connects an Action to the card or storylet where it is played from. See also Property:From message.
Property:Located in
Connects a card or storylet to the Location where it is encountered.
Property:Uses (Use, Use Type)
Connects gameplay actions to their unlock conditions, or to other ways that a card or action might use such qualities, such as textual variations.

Playing Actions[edit]

Property:Has challenge (Against, Difficulty, Challenge type)
Records the challenge information of an action
Property:Has challenge info
Free text for describing dynamic challenges.

Action results[edit]

Property:Gains and Property:Loses
Records results of an action. Successes, failures, rare results, and amounts are considered too open-ended and are not modeled.
Property:Has cap on gain
When the gain from an action is capped lower than the hard cap for that quality. Significant for quirks.
Property:Redirects to
When the result of an action immediately redirects to another storylet.
Property:Starts living story
Connects a living story to the action that initiated it.

Fate Stories[edit]

Property:Has starting point
The action which starts a Fate Story.
Property:Has description
A teaser.
Property:Has author, Property:Has artist, Property:Has editor and QA
Stores the creators of a Fate story.
Property:Has fate cost, Property:Has reset cost
Amount of Fate needed to purchase or reset the story.
Property:Has reward summary
Player-provided information on the mechanical rewards of a Fate Story. (Note that narrative information on FATE content is not allowed on the wiki.)
Property:Fate Story publishing Date


Property:Has grind definition
A GRON object string corresponding to a grind.
Property:Has grind description
The description of the grind.
Property:Has grind input
GRON input names.
Property:Has grind inputs
Whether there is at least one input required.
Property:Has grind objective
An output of the grind.
Property:Has grind material
A material which might be used in the grind (has action cost to acquire).
Property:Has grind antiresource
An antiresource generated by the grind (has action cost to lower).