Fill a mirrorcatch box with peligin light

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From: The Light-In-Exile

Would it consent to this?

Unlocked with Mirrorcatch Box, Monstrous Anatomy unmodified 7, Discovered: the Lowest Floors of the Magistracy (hidden)



[…] The Light-In-Exile wonders about the box; about what you mean to do with the peligin once you have it. […]

Eventually, the Light signals its consent with one blinding flash of its glowing appendage. […] The box feels heavy in your hands; […]

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Redirects to: Diving in the Magistracy

Mirrorcatch Box Overview
Colour Place Storylet
Empty Fiddler's Scarlet Acquire a rarity
The Magistracy of the Evenlode (Side) for the defendant in a civil suit of Gondoliers against a Society Matron
The Waswood Reach towards the shore ( Airs 0-49, rare success)
Upper River Give a speech in Ealing Gardens/ Jericho Locks (rare success)
Any Mirrorcatch Box in your Inventory[1] Empty a Mirrorcatch Box
Peligin The Magistracy of the Evenlode The Light-In-Exile
Oneiric Pearl Barter with a Listless Pearl-Diver
Violant Khan's Heart Walk into the Office of Naval Affairs
(gives Corresponding Sounder)
Apocyan The Pillared Sea Drowning
Viric Viric Jungle Attend to the Dreamer
Cosmo­gone The Dome of Scales The Top of the Dome
Irrigo Cave of the Nadir A pause for refreshment
Rat Market ( Rat-Moon: Blue or Soft[2]) The Maundering Rat's Stall
Gant Khan's Heart All Gant
Rat Market ( Rat-Moon: Hard or Runny[2]) The Smaller Stalls
Sun-Stamped Cut with Moonlight FATE The Alleys of London: the Criminals
Park and Palace: Society
Neathoscope The Museum of Prelapsarian History The Inorganic Sciences Wing
  1. Using the boxes where they are required will usually also return an empty box to you.
  2. 2.0 2.1 (currently Runny)