Attend to the Dreamer

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Description summary:
The description varies with dreamer.

Madame PetrovskyIt is Madame Petrovsky who dreams: looking for symbols, for a vision of the ancient that she can bring before her audience. Her existing images have grown a little tattered around the edges.
The Bohemian SculptressShe is not asleep and not awake […] her unmade sculptures gather around her, pleading to be carved.

[…] pulling butterflies out of the air and cramming them into her ears to block the din,

[…] sculpture of His Amused Lordship leans against a tree[…]

The Honey-Addled DetectiveThe Detective's body is elsewhere – back in a flat in Moloch Street, most likely. But his mind is here, as present in Parabola as any dream-shade. He is kneeling on the jungle floor, measuring the pawprint of a panther.

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Unlocked with various redirects from Dreams: A Choice of Reverie

Storylet appears in Viric Jungle


Jungle orange.png
Observe and learn
More! Further!
Fill an empty Mirrorcatch box with Viric

Ending the Dream

Take your own inspiration from this dream
Learn from the Detective's investigation
Comprehend something elemental
Hand over this dream as an offering
Nevercold brass.png
Let this vista influence the dreamers of the Royal Beth