Upper River

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This location has its own card deck. Click the deck to see it.

The places that are found in the Hinterlands next to the Upper River as the player character develops the Great Hellbound Railway.

See Category:Upper River for storylets unique to the Railway.png Upper River.

Unlocked with Helltrain.png Involved in a Railway Venture

The Barrel.png Upper River Exchange replaces the Bazaar as the trade interface in these locations.

Deck Quirks[edit]

  • Card deck: Upper River locations use a different base deck from London locations
  • Cards that are unique to certain Upper River locations are retained after having gone to other Upper River locations.
  • If you leave any of these locations and come back later to any of them, you will start with all the cards that were in your hand when you left, except the cards whose unlock requirements that you no longer satisfy.


The locations next to the Upper River are unlocked in the following order, and can be accessed through a storylet in Ladybones.png Moloch Street while in London.

  • Handstop.png Ealing Gardens: the first to be unlocked. Home for most Rubbery people.
  • Water.png Jericho Locks: the second. Home for those who work the canals in the Upper River.
  • Ruinssecond.png The Magistracy of the Evenlode: the third. The furthest reach of the law of London, and remnants of the First City.
  • Crown2.png Balmoral: the fourth. The Empress's Scottish holding taken down during the Fall.
  • Telescopeglim.png Station VIII: A lonely factory extracting emotions in chemical form resides here.
  • Church.png Burrow-Infra-Mump: Seemingly in the middle of nowhere - until someone decides to build a church here.
  • Bookblack.png Moulin: A quiet hamlet on the edges of one of the battlefields in Hell.
  • Snowflake.png The Hurlers: A frozen and dark wasteland.
  • Roseyellow.png Marigold Station: By the walls of Hell.


The consequences for accumulating too much of any Menace at any Upper River locations are the same as London-proper. However, some things are different: